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Why study Masters in Sweden?

Students are always looking for places where they can best grow and pursue their further education. In this regard, there are some really great places abroad, and Sweden is one such country that a lot of students have started to set their eyes on.

There are endless reasons why going to Sweden is such a dream for students. We are sure that you are going to be convinced of your study destination by the time you get to the end of this article.

So here are the factors that make Sweden such an enticing place to be at:
Quality courses

Sweden’s excellence in academics is well known. The courses provided at Swedish universities help develop students’ rational thinking. The goal for most Swedish universities is to ensure that students focus on their logic and reasoning skills and not just on knowledge, which ensures the overall development of the students.

Even though Sweden has a small population, it still boasts of some of the best universities that have been given the highest recognition by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Lund University, Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and Karolinska Institutet are among the few universities in Sweden that are known all over the globe. A common factor among these universities is that they ensure students are actively involved in giving their inputs and speaking their minds, so that they are continuously exposed to different ideas and concepts.

 Great opportunities for a career

The whole point of pursuing a Masters is to get a good position in a reputed company. In Sweden, there is a chance for students to do just that. With many international companies based in Sweden, graduates are always required to fill in roles in these organizations, especially those graduating as software engineers, developers and architects. Did you know that conglomerates like IKEA, Volvo, and H&M all started out from Sweden?

Masters in Sweden is a one or two-year degree. The standard pattern followed for Masters includes 75% theory, and 25% based on students’ research work on thesis projects. Thanks to the great ties that Swedish universities have with multiple companies in the industry, most thesis projects are facilitated at these companies itself. This gives students quality exposure as they get to work so closely with the companies and get first-hand experience of how things run at such corporate organizations.

Student friendly environment

Everyone in Sweden speaks English, so international students do not have to worry about learning Swedish in order to communicate efficiently.

Sweden is also well connected. There are numerous ways to get to different places. You can use the trains, subways, trams, and buses and even by boat, so traveling anywhere is not going to be a problem.

No working-hours limit

In order to support themselves while they pursue their education, it is common for students to start taking part-time jobs, especially when they are in foreign universities, since most of them have to take care of their food and accommodation expenses.

Sweden is perfect for such students, as this country does not have any limit to the working hours for international students. This financial boost helps the students with the burden of all the expenses. If the students want to continue working for a while after they finish their graduation, they have the option of applying for a 6-month extension.

Hope this article has proved useful to you, all the best!

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