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Current EMi : 100

Total Payment : 100

Total Interest : 100

You could payback loan in months (APPROX) : 100

Total payment including additional amount: 100

Total interest including additional amount: 100

Estimated savings in interest: 100

Current EMi : 100

Total Payment : 100

Total Interest : 100

Estimated Pricipal : 100

You could payback loan in months (APPROX) : 100

Total payment including additional amount: 100

Total interest including additional amount: 100

Estimated savings in interest: 100

Current EMi : 100

Total Payment : 100

Total Interest : 100

New EMI : 100

Additional EMI : 100

Total payment including additional amount: 100

Total interest including additional amount: 100

Estimated savings in interest: 100

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What Is an Education Loan
Repayment Calculator?

Opting for an education loan to pay for your higher education is a prudent decision. With your student loan, you can achieve your academic aspirations while being financially independent. Once you apply for a loan, you must have a plan in place to repay the loan as swiftly as possible. Understanding your education loan repayment amount can be difficult. To help you determine the amount, we have an education loan repayment calculator. You can use the online calculator to understand your student loan repayment amount.

To use the calculator, you need to input some information about your loan. Based on the principal amount, loan tenure and interest rate, the calculator provides you with your monthly education loan repayment amount.

How Does the Education Loan
Repayment Calculator

The educational loan repayment calculator helps you understand your potential monthly outgoings should you opt for student financing. You must provide a few basic details about your loan amount, interest rate and tenure to discover your potential monthly Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs).

Before you even apply for an education loan, you can use the calculator to discover what kind of loan tenure and interest rate work for your finances. You can provide various combinations of information until you arrive at an EMI amount that suits your budget.

Once you enter the details in the calculator, it will provide you with your current EMI amount, the total payment due, total interest amount pending, and your new EMI, if you’d like to make a change to your existing repayment plan. Additionally, if you’re opting to pay a higher amount to finish repaying your student loan quicker, the calculator will also let you know your estimated savings on interest.

Important Facts About
Educational Loan Repayment Calculators

When you use an education loan interest calculator, you can plan your future finances with ease.
Here’s a look at some crucial benefits you can enjoy when you opt to use the Avanse student loan repayment calculator:

Instant Answers

Our calculator provides an estimated EMI amount immediately after you provide the details of your outstanding loan amount. You do not have to wait for a consultant to call you or talk you through the details. Although the calculator may not give an accurate answer, it provides you with estimates that can bring clarity to your repayment strategy.

Various Permutations and Combinations

You can use the loan repayment calculator to understand how increasing your EMI or making one additional payment can affect your overall payment schedule. If you’d like to reduce your tenure, you can enter the new timeline you have in mind to understand the new EMI amount.

While using the education loan interest calculator, you need to keep the following details in mind:
Interest Rates

Our student loan repayment calculator works with a fixed rate of interest. If your financier works with a variable rate, the calculator may not provide accurate answers.

Prepayment Charges

Our education loan repayment calculator helps you find a way to repay your loan quicker. However, you must remember that certain lenders charge prepayment charges if you increase your EMI amount or make an additional payment to reduce your overall tenure. Our calculator will not be able to account for these additional charges.

What Are the Benefits of an
Avanse Education Loan?

Avanse provides education loans for individuals who want to fund their own higher education. We provide you with hassle-free financing so you can follow your academic dreams and aspirations. When you partner with us for your education finances, you can benefit from:

Bridge Loans

Our partnership starts right from when you decide to get an education loan in India. Our bridge loans help you with the cost of entrance exam prep and fees, applications, living costs and more.

Score-Based Benefits

As an education-focused organisation, we recognise all the hard work you put into achieving your academic aspirations. We offer preferential interest rates and other special privileges to high merit students applying for our education loan.

Pre-Admission Loans

If you’re headed overseas, we’ll sanction your student loan so you can confirm your seat at your preferred university with ease.

Fast-Track Loans

Sometimes, you may need a quick loan to facilitate your admission process. That’s what our fast-track education loan provides.

Availability of Funds Certificate

Most universities abroad require you to prove you have the funds to pay for your tuition and living expenses. We’ll provide you with the funds and the certificate to show the availability of funds.