Defining India's
Education Landscape

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Understanding the Need for a Social Infrastructure Loan

India has always prioritised providing quality education to children. Our constitution outlines this commitment, and governments have implemented rules to encourage the development of schools over the years. In 1972, the Reserve Bank of India defined priority sectors and outlined lending guidelines for all scheduled commercial and foreign banks in India with over ten branches. The priority sector lending target for social infrastructure is INR 5 crore. Social infrastructure projects include building schools and healthcare, sanitation and drinking water facilities. At Avanse, we provide finances to help build schools under our social infrastructure loan offering.

Creating Opportunities
for Students Across India

At Avanse Financial Services, we believe that every Indian is entitled to access quality education and, thus, build a bright future. Being an education-focused organisation, we are committed to provide equal opportunities to every deserving student through our education loan offerings. Hence, we design financing solutions like the social infrastructure loan for educational institutes across tier II to tier VI cities that focus on delivering education to underserved communities. We provide finance to organisations working to build better school infrastructure and educate teachers. Our social infrastructure loan provides the required funds and facilities for developing and strengthening the domestic education delivery system across the country.

With the help of Social Infrastructure Loans, we aim to provide educational institutions with the required funds to develop a robust academic ecosystem for the underserved deserving students. These institutes, in the long run, enable the academic aspirants to become future-ready. Also, the faculty members associated with such institutions are able to gear up better to enable the students to reach their goals successfully.

Through our Social Infrastructure Loans, we hope to bridge the education gap. We want to ensure that every child receives a quality education in a safe classroom from an educator who can help them excel.