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Building Education Infrastructure in India

At Avanse, we pride ourselves on being education financing experts. While we do a lot of work for deserving students, we also focus on strengthening the education infrastructure of the country to remain true to our commitment of democratising education and education financing. Approximately 500 million Indians are between the ages of 5 and 24 . And, each of them deserves unrestricted access to schools and educational opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential. So, we provide loans for educational institutions that allow them to build their infrastructure or facilitate the education of deserving students who may not have the means. We cater to more than just schools! Our financing options are for K-12 establishments, colleges, coaching and training institutes and more!

Our Offerings

We understand it isn’t always possible to offer collateral against an education loan for private institute.
At Avanse, we provide both secured and unsecured loans.

Unsecured Loans

Institutions that need working capital of up to INR 50 lacs can enjoy our unsecured loan for educational institutions.

Secured Loans

When there's collateral available, we offer loans up to INR 5 crores to help institutions with:

  • Construction to enhance their capacity
  • Building renovations
  • Development of technology and infrastructure
  • Purchase of property or land
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The Journey Towards Something Big, Begins Today!

The Journey Towards Something Big, Begins Today!

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Why Avanse?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Avanse as your loan for educational institutions partner:


Years of Experience

Avanse has been a pioneer in the education financing space for almost a decade. When you partner with Avanse for an education institution loan, you can rely on our years of experience and expertise.


Customisable Offerings

At Avanse, we offer financial assistance built around your needs. From loans for new educational institutions to financial assistance for students, we can offer exactly what you need.


Quick and Easy Processing

We believe in processing all loan applications as swiftly as possible. In most cases, you’ll have an answer within a week. You won’t have to wait for months to hear back about your loan status.


Cash Flow Based Underwriting

We offer an education loan for a private institute based on your actual cash flow. We don’t need to see your assets or balance sheets. We’re committed to helping you offer quality education to students across India!


Tie-Up with Educational Institutions

At Avanse, we believe in offering every child an equal opportunity to achieve their academic aspirations. So, we tie-up with educational institutions to provide continued financial support so they can reach out to more students.

Avanse Education
Institution Loan

If you'd like to apply for an educational institution loan, you need to:

requisite documents
Submit the required documents and send us a cheque for the initial processing fee.
Let us assess your eligibility for an education institution loan.
application form
Share additional documents, if required.
Let us complete our technical, financial and legal due diligence.
Receive the finalised sanction terms and pay the balance processing fee to receive the final sanction letter.
Execute the resolutions to receive your education institution loan amount from Avanse.

Our Social Impact





Education Institutions


Education Institutions

Documents Required For
A Loan For Educational Institutions

Institution Loan
To apply for an educational institution loan from Avanse, you need to submit:
  • The application form along with a photograph and a signature across the photograph
  • Documents that confirm your ID and address
  • Your organisation’s trust deed, MOA, AOA, bye-laws, or partnership deed
  • Certificate of registration or incorporation
  • Approval from the AICTE, DTE, ICSE, CBSE or any other relevant authority
  • Documents related to the primary and collateral security
We also require the following financial documents:
  • Financial report of the previous 3 years along with the audit report
  • Income Tax Returns of the previous 3 years
  • Bank statement of the previous 12 months from the main operating account
  • All loan sanction letters and statements since the organisation’s inception

More Than Financial Experts

Everything we do at Avanse is motivated by a single purpose - to build better educational infrastructure and help every child enjoy quality education. So, we provide education institution loans to organisations hoping to develop bigger and better education institutes across the country. But, we like to go above and beyond. Apart from our loans, we also empower students in remote areas by helping cover the cost of their tuition. So far, we've reached out to over 5,000 adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We believe that education is for everybody and have helped differently-abled students complete their college education in India. At Avanse, we know that everybody is capable of achieving something great, as long as they have the tools they need! We also believe that good teachers are instrumental in providing quality education. Hence, Avanse helps train hundreds of women as teachers, enabling them to create a positive impact on the lives of others!


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s okay to have questions, because we’ve got answers!

To be eligible for a study abroad loan from Avanse, you only need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. You should be a citizen of India​
  2. You should be 18 years old or above​
  3. You should have a confirmed admission in the Institute of your choice​
  4. You should have an earning co-borrower in India

Do you check all the above boxes? Well, congratulations, you are eligible to apply for our education loans for abroad studies! As for point number 3 - if you do not have a confirmed admission in the Institute, you can still get a pre-admission loan. This will help you cover all your pre-admission expenses including entrance exam fees, consultation fees, the cost of prep tests, etc. These loans can also provide proof of funds to increase the chances of your application being selected.

Our loans cover your entire student life journey. Right from the course fee to the purchase of study material, we will take care of everything! Here is a rough list of expenses you can get covered with our loan for higher education abroad:

  • The course fees
  • Purchase of books, study material, computers and project expenses
  • Traveling expenses for students traveling abroad
  • We also cover your insurance premium
  • Caution deposit, building fund, entrance exam fees, the cost of prep tests and entrance exams, consultation fees, etc

With an education loan for abroad, you get 100% finance. This ensures that all your expenses are taken care of. Therefore, instead of worrying about funds, you can focus fully on your studies. We will handle the costs for you!

At Avanse, we believe that you should aspire without boundaries! That’s why we do not have any limit when it comes to the loan amount. However, the loan amount that we can provide depends on numerous factors such as your academic record, the course you’ve selected, your parent’s ability to repay the loan, etc. To get a better idea of the loan amount you can avail, use our eligibility calculator. You can also come to the nearest Avanse Financial Services branch office or you can contact us to schedule a home visit.

We provide 100% finance. This means that you do not need to provide any margin money to get an educational loan for abroad studies. Amazing isn’t it?

You do not need to provide collateral or any form of security to get an educational loan for abroad studies. However, if you are able to provide security in the form of residential/commercial property or a fixed deposit, then you will enjoy higher loan amounts and/or reduced interest rates.