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Study in India
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When it comes to selecting an institute for your higher education, we’re sure you want to consider all your options. India has been a hub of knowledge and learning since the 5th century, when institutes like Nalanda University attracted scholars from around the world. Today, India is home to over 1,000 universities! So if you decide to study in India, your options are anything but limited.

Many of the world’s best talents and CEOs are products of India’s higher education system. But just because your college is close to home, it doesn’t mean you won’t need financial assistance. We provide an education loan for students in India that aim to help you with 100% financial assistance for your course. With our help, you can focus on your education and work towards achieving your academic aspirations!

What Is a Study Loan in India

Most students who study in India do not think about funding their own education. Sometimes, they choose to skip the course they want in favour of another, more affordable variant. With an education loan in India, you never have to compromise on your studies. You can effortlessly achieve all your academic aspirations, thanks to the customised education financial solutions designed by Avanse – your education loan provider in India. At Avanse Financial Services, we offer education financing solutions for a wide range of courses including EMBA student loans. The best part, we’ll help you with more than just your tuition fees. Our loans cover the holistic cost of education, so we can help take care of your accommodation and the costs of purchasing your books and learning devices.

Why Choose
Student Loans in India?

Financial Independence

Many young adults today hope to build their future on their terms. By opting for a loan for higher studies in India, you can fund your education and remain financially independent. You don’t have to worry about being a burden on your loved ones.

Preserve Family Savings

Most students today worry about the impact their education has on their family’s finances. With a student loan in India, you can preserve your family’s savings for the future while following your dreams. With an Avanse education loan for Indian students, you can get the education you deserve without dipping into your family’s savings.

Build Your Credit

When you start managing your finances, you have the opportunity to build up your credit score. By opting for a student loan in India, you can start building your credit right from the time you’re 18. With a good credit score, you enjoy better deals on loans and interest rates in the future!

Ready to take charge of your future?
Apply Now for a study in India loan!

Ready to take charge of your future?
Apply Now for a study in India loan!

Apply Now

Why Choose Avanse
Education Loan For Studying In India?

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The Avanse Advantage

At Avanse Financial Services, we offer the best education loan in India, as it allows you to enjoy quick and hassle-free disbursals. We offer an education loan for MBA in India too, apart from several other courses. When you opt for an Avanse loan for higher studies in India, you benefit from the fast-track loan process and expert advice. Once we receive your application, we can disburse the loan in just a few days! You can fast-track your study in India loan and get the funds you need exactly when you need it!

How To Apply for an
Education Loan in India?

Getting an education loan in India isn't difficult.
Here's how to start your education loan in India application process:


Speak to our consultants

requisite documents

Send us the requisite documents

loan amount

Receive the loan amount

Understanding Your
Loan for Higher Education in India

Who can apply for a higher education loan in India?
Students can apply if they:
  • Are Indian citizens who are 18 or older
  • Have a confirmed admission before the final disbursal
  • Have a co-borrower who earns in India
For Which Courses Can Students Avail Education Finance in India?
To complete your application to get an education loan in india, you will have to provide the following documents:
  • Student KYC and educational documents
  • Details regarding the course and fees
  • Co-borrower KYC and income details
  • Collateral documents

Here are the list of documents required for education loan in India

Documents Applicant Co-Applicant Additional Co-Applicant Guarantor
2 Colour Passport-sized Photos
Photo ID
Residence Proof
Date of Birth Proof
Signature Verification
Academic Documents      
Proof of Admission      
Fee Structure      
Income Proof  
Collateral Documents  
8-month Bank Statement    
Relationship Proof    
At Avanse, we don’t want to limit your dreams. While the minimum loan amount for student loans in India is INR 1,00,000, we do not put a cap on the maximum loan amount. We strive to create customised loans that meet all your financial needs with ease. Additionally, we will not ask for any margin contribution. Our goal is to provide holistic funding for your education so you can achieve your academic aspirations successfully.
Our higher education loan for students in India will cover:
  • Up to 100% of the tuition fee as decided by the university or institute
  • Up to 75% of your living expenses, including the purchase of books, computers and other equipment, as long as it does not exceed 20% of the tuition fee
  • Up to 100% of the building fund or caution deposit or refundable deposit as long as it does not exceed 10% of the tuition fee and comes with valid bills or receipts from the institution
When you choose Avanse as your education loan provider in India, you can count on quick, transparent and completely hassle-free loans. To apply for an education loan in india, you can fill up the online form or send an e-mail to wecare@avanse.com. For a smooth application journey, you should inform us about:
  • The amount of financial assistance required
  • The course and institute where you intend to study
  • The identity of your co-applicant or guarantor

Ideally, check which documents you need to submit and apply for the study in India loan well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.

Once we receive the loan application for higher studies in India, our consultants will review it and get in touch with you if they require any additional information. Once all the paperwork is ready, we will provide you with an education loan agreement. The agreement lists out all the terms and conditions. After you review the paperwork, sign it and share the required documents, we will disburse the loan amount via DD, cheque or electronic transfer.

Avanse provides secured student loans in India. .
The collateral we accept as security includes:
  • Residential property (apartment/house)
  • Fixed deposit by any registered deposit-taking organisation, assigned in favour of Avanse
  • Life insurance with a surrender value equal to the required security coverage
  • Non-agricultural land
Take a look at how the loan amount gets disbursed to ensure you’re making an informed decision:
  • The study in India loan amount will be disbursed in Indian Rupees.
  • Tuition and hostel fees will be sent directly to the institute or university as per the agreed-upon schedule of payments.
  • The loan amount for other expenses will get transferred to the co-borrower’s account in instalments over the duration of the course.
  • When the student chooses to reside outside the hostel, the money gets transferred directly to the co-borrower’s account.
Generally, Avanse charges 1-2% of the loan amount as the processing fee. However, we evaluate the amount on a case-to-case basis and share the final amount while processing the loan.
To ensure you always enjoy a competitive rate of interest, we work with floating rates. We calculate the interest on your loan using the formula: Interest = Avanse Base Rate + Spread. Our base rate is currently static at 14.25% (WEF 01.05.2023). The spread changes periodically based on your overall credit and course profiling. We use a simple interest rate with monthly rest to calculate the rate of interest on your student loan in India.
At Avanse, we believe in being transparent. We want you to have all the information required, so here’s a look at our service charges:
Description of Charges Charges and Fees
Pre-payment charges No pre-payment allowed within 6 months from the disbursal of the loan
Charges for late payment of PMII/EMI 2% per month
Cheque/ECS bounce charges (per bounce) INR 500/- plus applicable GST
Document handling charges (during foreclosure) INR 2,000/- onwards plus applicable GST

Additional services, as required, will be charged at a nominal fee as per Avanse policy.

You can choose a study in India loan repayment tenure that suits your needs as long as it falls within the following limits:

Minimum loan repayment tenure – 12 months

Maximum loan repayment tenure – 120 months (including the course duration)

We also offer a grace period of 6 months from the time you complete the course or a grace period of 3 months from the time you secure your first job.

Our study in India loans are designed to help you meet all your education-related financial needs. So, we provide multiple repayment options. You can start repaying from the time you’re in college or once you complete the course and secure a job. While repaying, you can choose between:
  • Interest servicing during the course
  • Partial interest servicing during the course
  • EMI repayment during the course
  • EMI repayment after a holiday/moratorium period
  • Step up repayment facility
Still need some more information about our best educational loan in India? Download our document checklists and more:
Frequently Asked Questions

It’s okay to have questions, because we’ve got answers!

The education loan amount you are eligible for depends majorly on your employability potential and your co-borrower’s financial background. You can get higher loan amounts if your co-borrower has a high credit score and if you have good grades.

In India, you can apply for a fast-track loan to get the loan amount sanctioned in just 72 hours. However, timeline for each loan will vary as per the type of loan, the country/course, the co-borrower’s credit score and other factors.

To apply for a student loan in India, you must be an Indian citizen over 18, have a co-borrower who earns in India, and confirmed admission to your preferred institution. Additionally, your co-borrower must be an Indian citizen who is a blood relative or legal guardian. They should be the primary debtor and have a bank account in India that allows them to sign cheques.

To apply for an education loan in India, identify a lender. You can contact their consultants for more information or fill out the application form. Share the requisite documents, and if you meet the eligibility criteria, your loan will get approved ,and the amount will be disbursed.

Education loans have a floating rate and will likely change over time. The interest rate depends on multiple macro-economic factors. Currently, the rate for education loans in India ranges between 10-17%.