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The education loan segment has seen tremendous developments and has created a gateway for many students to fulfil their aspirations. The present rate of economic growth of the country demands technically and professionally trained man power in large numbers. In this backdrop, study loans are seen as investments for economic development and prosperity. At Avanse, we help deliver tailor made study loan solutions just for you. We aim at making the entire process so simple and hassle free that you would not even sense the slightest of worries for your application which normally feels like a roller coaster ride. We understand how important a role finances play in student lives, especially when they travel abroad. The solutions we provide leave you with one less thing to worry about and thus provide you with immediate to one day educational loan in India or abroad sanction guarantee. Knowledge and data would be the thrust for economic growth within the coming years.

Nature of the Course
Nature of the Course
Institute Standing
Institute Standing
CO-Borrower Details
Co-Borrower Details
Collateral Security Offered
Collateral Security Offered
Student Academic Background
Student Academic Background

Why Take an Educational Loan?

Studying abroad may in all probability mean giving up on lots of your parent’s savings. Why exhaust those resources that may well be of better help to them when you have an ease of access to educational loans. We believe in making students independent to repay their educational loans in a less tedious manner with competitive interest rates and a simplified procedure in place to support your aspirations. You’re the engine of your career growth. Study loans are a stepping stone for you in your career and provide you an ease of access to support your dreams. We believe you and hence place you in an accountable position making you the primary applicant of your loan so your parents can be stress free. If you invest in knowledge today, you will reap the benefits, throughout your life. Take into account students loan as an investment. Education is an investment in you.

valuable time period

We offer a valuable time period to pay the principal amount post completion of the course.

financially responsible

We ensure that students become financially responsible as they will most likely be able to pay for some of the expenses incurred during completion of higher Education Loan.

positive credit rating

We help create a solid and positive credit rating with timely payment; and ensure that personal relationships with family and friends aren't strained due to money woes.


Families can save for contingencies like health, travel, retirement etc without liquidating all their assets in times of need.

safeguard students

We safeguard students against inflation and or currency fluctuation – in case of the educational course being imparted in a foreign university.

proof of funds

Lastly, we provide the prerequisite of providing proof of funds while admission and support a student's cost of living too.

Avanse Edvantage

Make the Right Choice

At Avanse we deliver the best in class students loan product not only at competitive pricing but also keeping in mind many other benefits that students can take advantage of. The approach we possess is student oriented so that the desired outcome is derived. We always promote a two way communication and hence are always available for all student related queries and encourage the same to our students as only then their queries could be addressed keeping the process transparent not just with providing the education loans for students alone but through their entire process. Regular webinars are conducted with a motive to guide students and provide a holistic view of universities, courses and country of visit. We understand young aspirations and would be proud if we could lend a helping hand to achieve what they have always dreamt about.

100% coverage

100% Coverage
An Avanse education loans for students means we completely fund your course fee + living expense during your period of study, as well as guarantee timely payment to the institute. This also means Zero margin money.

No limit on the study loan amount

No Limit On The Study Loan Amount
We pay your course fee, whatever it is. Whether you are taking education loan in India or abroad, we have you fully covered.

Sensitive Solutions

Sensitive Solutions
We understand that each student, or university or curriculum or country may not necessarily have the requirements. Which is why we provide customized solutions with flexibility in loan structuring.

At-Your-Door Services

At-Your-Door Services
At Avanse you don’t even need to visit us to complete the formalities for your study loans in India or abroad application. We will visit you and hand-hold you through your entire documentation, through our hassle-free and transparent process.

Responsible Borrowing

Responsible Borrowing
We care for our customers. While we hand-hold you through the loan process, we also insist on instilling a sense of responsible borrowing to the students by highlighting the importance of maintaining a good credit history.

Assured Quality

Assured Quality
With Avanse be assured that your funding is from a secure and credible source. We take pride in the fact that the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an arm of the World Bank, holds 20% equity stake in Avanse. We are a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

Total Student Support

Total Student Support
Lack of funds should be the last reason to further your dream of higher education. At Avanse we take pride in the fact that we have nurtured and financed meritorious students, who would have foregone a confirmed admission due of lack of funds.

Intelligent partnership

Intelligent Partnership
Avanse has collaborated with the cream of institutes, universities and consultants. We care for every student in India and wish to build initiatives that drive educational excellence such that both the student as well as the institute benefit.

Frequently asked question

To answer your question, the current rate of interest for an education loan in India is anywhere from 10% to 16.50% and may vary from lender to lender. Normally, unsecured education loans have a higher rate of interest as the risk of non-repayment is higher because there is no security; however secured education loans have a lower rate of interest.
Education loan across the country of India has become a common phenomenon for students who wish to pursue their higher education abroad. Applying for an education loan requires minimum documents depending bank to bank or any financial institution in question. Education loans have helped several aspiring students across the nation to fulfil their aspirations and dreams to study abroad. All one needs to do is, keep their GRE/GMAT scores in hand, their university admit letter, and their mark sheets. Some institutions and banks require customers to provide their co-borrowers financials such as their IT declarations, income proof’s and if the loan amount is large then their house papers too. Applying for an education loan in India has become simple in comparison to that how it was a few years before. Things have become faster and more streamlined reducing the turnaround time for banks to process these loans
The amount of education loan that one can provide to students depends totally on the amount required by the student themselves. Education loans cover not just the fees but also any and all other expenses incurred by the student during their tenure of study. These include fees, rent, living expenses, utilities, laptop and other expenses. One can apply for an education loan with nationalized banks, NBFC’s or any financial institution. The loan amount can vary starting right from one lakh to fifty lakhs. This number however may change depending to which of these players one visits. Education loans in India have been disbursed even for the amount of 50 Lakhs and above, but this is purely case to case basis. Some students may require an education loan of more than 50 Lakhs and it is disbursed on the basis of the kind of property one can mortgage or even unsecured (without property/collateral) if the company provides the same.

Here is a list of some of the documents that you would need:

  • Your KYC
  • All your educational documents.
  • The details of the cost of your course.
  • The KYC of the co-borrower.
  • The income documents of the co-borrower.
  • Collateral documents.

If you want a complete list of the documents you have to submit for an education loan Click here. It would be great if you could submit the documents according to the checklist because this would save us both a lot of time and energy. Also, please do not forget to self-attest all the submitted documents so that they cannot be misused.

  • Loan sanction or Disbursement before admission / visa
  • 100% Finance: No Margin Money
  • No Upper Limit on Loan Amount
  • 4 days* Loan Sanction
  • Flexible Repayment Options
  • Hassle-free & Transparent Process
  • Doorstep Service
  • Post Disbursement Online Account Management
  • Certificate of Availability of Funds (For USA)
  • Covers all Pre-Admission & Education Expenses such as costs of Test Preps, Consultant Fees, Admission Applications and your Course Fees & Living Expenses

Very simply put, the time between the loan pay out to the time you pay your first EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) is called a holiday period or moratorium. There is no repayment in this period. A holiday period is the maximum time a student gets before he / she can start paying back the principal loan in the form of EMIs.

We offer a holiday period of 6 months after you complete your course or 3 months after you have obtained employment, whichever is earlier.

It would be good to note that although you are not expected to pay your EMIs during the holiday period especially if you are a full-time, masters level student, it would make more financial sense to pay them off, if you are able.

The option of simple interest repayment during the course (the principal moratorium option) is generally not offered for bachelor's level or part-time courses.
We at Avanse generally don't suggest this as an option to our customers or give this as the past option.  

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Avanse Education Loan

Avanse Education Loan
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March 11, 2015
Most efficient and helpful team I have experienced out of all education loan companies.

I got a good offer on the education loan. The rate of interest was the same as other. The process was fast and the customer services and response has been good.

March 11, 2015
A great experience to avail my finance for higher studies. They offered nominal interest rate, Low procesing fee & flexible repayment options. Really works well for students. Go for it