Students often face hardships in choosing the right career path due to the endless career opportunities available to them. In such situations, career counselling helps them find the most suitable career option after analysing their strengths, interests and other important factors. Career counselling is a systematic process of knowing and understanding yourself, taking informed decisions about education and career and developing strategies for achieving academic and career goals.

Who needs career counselling?

A recent survey showed that 93% of Indian students are aware of just seven career options. In comparison, India offers over 250 career options in various domains. This is where career counselling proves to be extremely helpful. A professionally trained career counsellor assists students by imparting knowledge about different career options available and suggesting an ideal career option as per their interests.

Every individual has to make important career decisions in various stages of life, and career development is a lifetime process. Therefore, career counselling is appropriate for everyone facing challenges in finding the right career path.

Importance of career guidance for students

Here are six ways in which career guidance proves beneficial whether you are planning to study abroad or in India, irrespective of the courses you intend to pursue:

  1. Helps in picking the right career: The main objective of counselling is to guide. Due to a lack of knowledge and guidance, you might pick up a course that may not align with your career goals. This is where career counsellors help. They are experts at assessing your interests, aptitude and your personality. Based on their evaluation, they recommend the best career option to ensure your professional growth.
  2. Role of a career guidance counsellor: Choosing the right option is crucial for building a satisfying and successful career. The counselling will assist in decision-making by providing information about the chosen career path, other available career options, their pros and cons, job prospects, and help you locate resources for obtaining important career-related information.
  3. Boosts confidence and morale: Lack of knowledge and lack of direction lowers your confidence and may act as a roadblock to achieving your career goals. Career counselling helps overcome these obstacles and chalk out the path to career success by providing relevant knowledge. Also, it allows you to adopt the best practices that will pave the way to career success. The right knowledge will build your confidence, boost your morale and overcome barriers easily.
  4. Encourage students to learn a new skill: The importance of career guidance is not limited to just boosting confidence. It offers unique insights that help you as an individual to grow professionally. Career counsellors will encourage you to learn new skills such as a new language or any certification course as per your interests and hobbies that will lead to personal and career development.
  5. Navigating job markets: Career counselling helps students to understand the job market, provide insight into available job options and make them industry-ready. The counsellor assists students in their job search and guides them on how to crack an interview by sharing some resume writing, networking and interviewing tips. The counsellor even helps you plan career transitions by providing the necessary support and guidance.
  6. Change behavioural patterns: Professionals and students have habits that are hard to change, such as not keeping themselves abreast with the latest development in their chosen career paths, procrastinating, etc. An experienced career counsellor notices such behaviour and makes individuals aware of their habits. Thus, career counselling for students does not end with guidance. As it also assists in changing behavioural patterns and increasing your overall productivity.

So, to put it simply, career counselling guides students and professionals in choosing the right career option, assists in identifying the barriers in their growth path, and aids in developing strategies to overcome obstacles and attain career success.

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