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What Is a College Course
Expense Calculator?

So you're about to head off to college. You've found the ideal course and the perfect institution. But, you need a little help in the form of an education loan. Deciding how much money you should borrow can seem overwhelming. Most students opt to take the maximum amount they can borrow, but this leads to longer payment terms and higher interest rates. If you'd like to take just the right amount, you need to understand your potential college expenses. That's where a college expense calculator comes into the picture. You can use this calculator to get an estimate of your overall course cost.

To use the student budget calculator, you need to provide details regarding your current finances. You also need to provide indicative costs of your tuition fee, living costs and other expenses. Don't forget to include the cost of buying your textbooks and learning devices like laptops. Once you feed in the information, the college course expense calculator will provide an estimated cost for your entire study programme. The approximate cost helps you understand how much money you need to borrow from your financial partner.

Step - 1

Use this course explanation calculator to determine what you may need to borrow for the entire duration of your course:

Step - 2

How much Money you need to borrow to complete your course : Use this course explanation calculator to determine you may need to borrow for the entire duration of the course: Complete the fields below using total figures


How much Money you need to borrow to complete your course :

Complete the fields below using total figures


Complete the fields below for the entire duration of the course


The estimate is based on the information you provided and intended for planning purpose only

Total income
Total expense

Brighten up your future with
an Avanse Education Loan

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Brighten up your future with an
Avanse Education Loan

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Why Use a College Cost Calculator?

Deciding to apply for an education loan is never an easy decision. If you choose financial support, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary information. Borrowing too much or too little will only compound your future financial troubles. To get a good estimate of how much you will likely spend during the duration of your course, you can use a university budget calculator. You need to provide the approximate costs for your textbooks, living expenses and more. Once you have an idea of how much money you will require, you can decide how much to borrow. While using a student living costs calculator, you must remember to take inflation and potential emergencies into account. If you forget to do this, you could be left without a financial safety net to help you during difficult times.

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What Documents Do I Need for an Education Loan?

To apply for an education loan for higher studies in India or abroad, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • Student KYC and educational documents
  • Details regarding the course and fees
  • Co-borrower KYC and income details
  • Collateral documents

Here's a document checklist that will help you get your papers in order:

Documents Applicant Co-Applicant Additional Co-Applicant Guarantor
2 Colour Passport-sized Photos
Photo ID
Residence Proof
Date of Birth Proof
Signature Verification
Academic Documents      
Proof of Admission      
Fee Structure      
Income Proof  
Collateral Documents  
8-month Bank Statement    
Relationship Proof    

What Are the Benefits of
an Avanse Education Loan?

Avanse provides education loans for individuals who want to fund their own higher education. We provide you with hassle-free financing so you can follow your academic dreams and aspirations. When you partner with us for your education finances, you can benefit from:


Bridge Loans

Our partnership starts right from when you decide to get an education loan in India. Our bridge loans help you with the cost of entrance exam prep and fees, applications, living costs and more.


Score-Based Benefits

As an education-focused organisation, we recognise all the hard work you put into achieving your academic aspirations. We offer preferential interest rates and other special privileges to high merit students applying for our education loan.

Availability of Funds Certificate

Availability of Funds Certificate

Most universities abroad require you to prove you have the funds to pay for your tuition and living expenses. We'll provide you with the funds and the certificate to show the availability of funds.

Pre-Admission Loans

Pre-Admission Loans

If you're headed overseas, we'll sanction your student loan so you can confirm your seat at your preferred university with ease.

Fast-Track Loans

Fast-Track Loans

Sometimes, you may need a quick loan to facilitate your admission process. That's what our fast-track education loan provides.

What Are the Benefits of Using a
College Course Expense Calculator?

course expense benefits

When you decide to use a college cost calculator, you can benefit by making better financial decisions. The student bills calculator gives you a rough idea of how much money you need to sustain yourself while completing your education. Depending on how much money you already have saved up, you can use the student budget planner to decide the principal amount of your education loan. By making prudent financial decisions today, you can safeguard your financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's okay to have questions, because we've got answers!

Your college tuition depends on several factors. For instance – for the USA, you must consider the cost of each credit. Evaluate how many credits you will complete per semester and how many semesters you require to graduate. You can check the college or university website to understand the fee structure for abroad students.

When you’re studying in college, the main expenses you must consider are:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Learning materials like books
  • Cost of rent or accommodation
  • Food
  • Travelling expenses
  • Living expenses and other education-related expenses

The cost of studying in America depends on multiple factors, including the course you’re pursuing. You might pay around USD 35,000 or INR 28 lacs per year for an undergraduate arts degree. If you want to complete a law or medical course, the cost could go up to USD 65,000 or INR 52 lacs per year. For a post-graduate degree, you can expect to pay USD 38,000 or INR 31 lacs per year.