Education Loan Eligibility calculator

Student loan eligibility in India or “educational loan eligibility” varies from person to person based on monthly obligation and monthly income. If you are wondering the amount you will get as education loan, this educational loan eligibility calculator is for you. This calculator is designed keeping in mind the Student loan eligibility in India, so that you know the maximum amount you can get, before applying for the loan.

If you want to check your education loan eligibility, fill in the time periods and interest rate as given below to get the amount that you can get as education loan.

Your Monthly Income

Your Monthly Obligations

Interest Rate

Tenure (In Months)

Total Eligible Amount

Your Total Eligible Amount: 35,112
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This Education Loan Calculator is made available to you as a self-help tool for your independent use. We do not guarantee its accuracy or applicability to your circumstances. This tool is not intended to provide investment, legal, tax, or accounting advice. Figures are indicative and for illustrative purpose only. We encourage you to consult an Avanse officer for personalised assessment, additional information or advice. All Avanse Education loans are subject to approval and credit terms of Avanse Financial Services Ltd.