Students Speak – Vrushali Lawand’s mantra – “be active, be patient!” – Part IV

We explored Vrushali Lawand’s travel and accommodation plans, the visa application process, her views on part-time jobs and more in the previous episode of Students Speak. In this episode, let’s understand how she found the perfect education financing partner and learn some important things to bear in mind when planning to study abroad. So, let’s find out together!

How did she find the right education financing partner?

Vrushali had set very clear criteria to shortlist her education loan provider. She firmly believes in earning a self-made badge without ever having to depend on her parents. Hence, it was necessary to opt for an unsecured loan, which means a financial solution that will not require collateral. Many financial institutions failed to meet this criterion successfully. She was also not very pleased with the overall processes as some of them took a lot of time to revert and a longer turnaround time. However, her experience completely changed when she approached team Avanse Financial Services. She was overwhelmed with joy as her education loan was disbursed in less than 2 weeks’ time.

Time is a critical factor for every study abroad student, which can make or break the years of planning. Vrushali said that the Avanse representative was constantly in touch with her, reassuring and guiding her every step of the way. All her worries faded away as her loan was sanctioned on the 10th day and disbursed on the 13th day.

Her shortlisting process to find the perfect education financing partner

Her online search for NBFCs in India led her to shortlist three NBFCs, including Avanse Financial Services. She also spoke to her peers who had previous experience regarding education loans. One of her friends set to study abroad recommended Avanse to Vrushali since he had a positive experience. She approached Avanse Financial Services for an education loan based on her online research, per-to-peer conversation and recommendation.

As a student-centric NBFC, we prioritize students’ potential over the co-borrower’s financial background. Hence, Avanse evaluates the student potential based on certain set parameters such as academic scores, entrance exam scores, employability potential and more. This worked in her favour, as she was keen on opting for an education loan based on her potential alone, instead of depending on her parents.

Invaluable advice for study abroad students

Be active, be patient! Since you will be dealing with many procedures overlapping each other, such as shortlisting the universities, application process, documentation, arranging the finances and so on, you have to be both active and patient, suggested Vrushali. Once you apply for universities, you will have to wait until you get a response. Secondly, while shortlisting the universities, try to get in touch with faculty members or senior students from the institution. Please bear in mind that it is essential to understand your curriculum before you shortlist the university. Although the professors have a busy schedule, dropping an email can go a long way. You just have to be patient, as they might take some time to revert. Thirdly, ensure you are updated with the latest developments. News media is the best medium to gather all the necessary information.

Currently, Vrushali is experiencing a mixed feeling about flying to a different country to fulfil her academic aspirations. Like most study abroad students, she will be missing her home, family and friends. On the other hand, she is prepared to take a leap of faith for a new life experience that will introduce her to vibrant campus life, develop her managerial skills, and explore new career avenues post completion of her course.

So, this is all about Vrushali Lawand’s academic journey. We hope Vrushali’s insights, experience, and effective tips help you plan your study abroad journey. We, at Avanse, wish Vrushali all the best for her future endeavours. If this inspirational journey has motivated you to achieve your academic aspirations, you can start planning your study abroad journey, today! We will be glad to partner with you if you need any assistance. All you have to do is connect with us. All the best!

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