What’s not to love about Ireland? Ireland has it all, from picturesque landscapes to rich cultural history and from stunning coastlines to an excellent education system. Safety, student-friendly environment, ease of working, lucrative work opportunities are some of the reasons why international students like studying in Ireland. Like several other students, if you aspire to study in Ireland, here are some popular courses that can propel your career to great heights.

1. Investment Banking and Finance 

Did you know that Dublin is home to some pre-eminent investment banks and asset management companies? Barclay Bank, Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank are some popular investment banks in Ireland. So, if you study in Ireland, it will offer you a golden opportunity to begin your career in Finance industry. As an investment banker, you will be responsible for guiding various organizations on issuing relevant stocks or bonds and offering sound financial advice. 

Career paths: Financial Analyst, Financial Associate, Financial Trader, Corporate Banker and more

2. Business Analytics 

This course is a perfect mix of various subjects such as Data Analytics, Business Management, Information Technology, Accounting Management and more. So, the curriculum aims to impart interdisciplinary knowledge to develop you into an efficient Business Analyst, competent to develop skilful strategies for businesses. If you plan to study in Ireland, the Business Analytics course will open the door to lucrative career opportunities.

Career paths: Business Analyst, Big Data Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Financial Analyst, and more 

3. Computer Science 

Computer Science courses prepare you to don many hats as they impart technical and non-technical skills. If you study in Ireland, it can offer you a perfect head start for your career in the Computer Science arena, as many tech giants are based in Ireland. However, your career is not limited to tech companies as you can find a lucrative career in governmental agencies, MNCs, financial companies and more. 

Career paths: IT consultant, Information Systems Manager, Multimedia Programmer, System Analyst and more 

4. Cyber Security 

Did you know that 1 million jobs are currently in demand in Cyber Security? With rising cybercrimes and cyber attacks, the number of jobs will only increase in the near future. Why should you study in Ireland? You will be amazed to know that Ireland is home to some of the leading cyber security companies such as Sysnet Global Solutions, Barricade IO and more. 

Career paths:  Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Specialist, Security Administrator and more

5. Pharmaceutical Science 

If you study in Ireland, you can opt for various courses such as Biotherapeutics and Business, Neuropharmacology, Chemical & Biopharmaceutical Engineering and more. You will be amazed to know that more than 120 pharmaceutical companies are based in Ireland. You can work in various sectors such as cosmetics, biopharmaceuticals, forensics and more.

Career Paths:  Forensic Scientist, Product Developer, Patent Attorney, Pharmacovigilance Officer, and more

So, these are some of the popular courses to study in Ireland that will offer you better career prospects. If you aspire to finance your higher studies independently, an education loan for study abroad would be the best option. We, at Avanse, offer a study abroad loan that covers the holistic cost of education including airfare, tuition fees, accommodation costs, study material costs and other education-related costs. If you have any doubt, please connect with us. All the best!

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