Tips to Avoid University Application Mistakes

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Tips to Avoid University Application Mistakes
Towards bright future

Did you know that India is second only to China to send most students from its home turf to study abroad? Back in 2016, 3 lakh Indian students were studying abroad. In 2019, this number rose to almost~8 lakh Indian students studying in different parts of the world. More number of Indian students are applying for student loans to study abroad triggers stiff competition. Now imagine this-your application is rejected despite perfect scores, research, planning and many other elements that you have meticulously designed that simply fizzle out because of some common application mistakes that you could have easily avoided. This article intends to help you avoid these common university application mistakes and have a flawless application with that ideal university you have been dreaming about.

Tips to avoid mistakes while applying for study abroad programs
Silly mistakes-The devil is in the detail

While filling in the details, double-check all scores especially the ones that have to be converted into grades. Also, check if documents are notarized by the authorized body as prescribed by the university. When in doubt, it is wise to contact the university and clear your doubts than making a blunder. Be careful of other silly mistakes like- the wrong name of the institute, incomplete application forms, typos, grammar, etc.

Academic choices- In perfect alignment with your purpose

The conflict between your past academic course and one you are set to embark on can be a reason for rejection. For instance, if you are a Bachelor’s in Finance and applying for a Master’s in Engineering, it can invite trouble.

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Be candid, be yourself

Adding wrong credentials to impress the examiner will have long-term repercussions not just on your academic journey but also on your professional life. Let your application, Statement of Purpose (SOP), college essay, and other documents reflect who you truly are.

Too much Information “TMI”

It is advisable to filter the essential information to be shared in your application. Writing about your fears, phobias, failures, emotional baggage is a big no-no. Universities would not appreciate you sharing a bunch of certificates or multiple letters of recommendation (LOR) which can prove to be time-consuming to go through.

Weave an intriguing story or be forgotten

The universities will shortlist your application from the sea of applications. So, weaving a story through your application, college essay, SOP and, other documents is a perfect opportunity to create a remarkable impression by introducing them to your vision. Express your inspiration to choose the academic path and how your innate abilities and achievements encourage you to follow this path.

Warning! Deadline ahead

Most students tend to apply to several universities to increase their chances of getting admission. At the same time, ensure that you respect the deadlines of all those universities and do not get the deadlines mixed up.

The research will take you a long way

You will certainly face the common question, “Why this university?” Your knowledge about the ranking, library, campus, infrastructure, faculty, research wing, and more will demonstrate a genuine interest. And it will assure the examiner that you will join the university if admitted.

Greater good, not just job opportunity

If you express how you were motivated to pursue a certain academic path or how you aspire to transform the world with your academic excellence, then it will strike a chord with the examiner. Instead of mentioning, you want a good job after studying in a particular university, suggest how you wish to make the world a better place to live in or how you plan to design a solution for an existing problem through your education. After all, vision is the driving force!

Your application is the first step that you will take to gain entry into that legendary university of your dreams, so keep these tips in mind and avoid the mistakes. While you apply for that university, leave all the financing-related worries with Avanse as we can provide you with a loan for education purposes. You can also use our education loan repayment calculator so that you are clear about your EMIs. Now you can focus on sending that perfect application. All the best!

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