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So you have a GPA which can be compared to Sir Bradman’s strike rate and want to study somewhere cricket is avidly followed? Well Crickey! Australia is then the place to be. Where else will you get to hang out with a baby Kangaroo or a wallaby while finishing up on your homework?

Counted amongst the most popular destinations in the world for students, Australia or ‘the land down under’ hosts some of the most respected universities in the world. With its buzzing nightlife, list of great restaurants, colorful markets and a fun calendar of events like Sydney Mardi Gras, you will surely never have a dull day down under.

However, if you thought that Australians are not serious about attracting some great academic talent from around the world, then think again. It boasts an impressive higher education system that hosts more than 300,000 students every year from across the globe. A bulk of this traffic comes from countries like China, India, Korea, and Malaysia, whose students add the oriental twist to the Aussie flavor. Aussie universities, time and again, have been making it to the top 100 lists of university ranking globally. Australia’s focus on education is reflected from its contribution to the Australian economy. Data indicates that only the export of minerals like coal & ores and tourism bring in more money into the country compared to the education commerce segment. Any course work related to the environmental sciences including geology, ecology, marine biology is a natural choice of study in Australia because the country has such a distinctive climate and varied topography. Other popular and highly regarded streams include various types of engineering and management across globally reputed departments across well ranked universities. Although Australian universities have tuition fees which are costlier than the global average, they make up for the cost by offering a higher quality of education as well as a better standard of living when compared to the rest of the globe.

To sum it up- Australian universities offer:

1. A great learning experience and international recognition with acclaimed teaching standards
2. High standards of living in cosmopolitan cities featuring great nightlife and social activities
3. An active lifestyle promoting varied sports including cricket, rugby, soccer etc.
4. Pleasant weather and enjoyable climate all year round
5. Exciting wildlife, pristine white beaches, deep & azure oceans that let you spend quality time with your loved ones and friends

Phew! Now, if we helped make up your mind on securing that degree from an Aussie University, then here’s a quick list of the top seven cities for higher studies in Australia

No.1 Adelaide

Attracting huge numbers of students from abroad, Adelaide makes for an ideal place for students planning to study in Australia given the low costs for accommodation. Considered to have one of the best rates of education and related services in Australia, Adelaide houses three universities with a sizeable international student population.

No.2 Brisbane

A great location close to sunny beaches, Brisbane has the ideal climate and is considered to have some good quality institutes and universities for higher education. With reasonable choices of accommodation available for students, it offers three accredited universities and several other smaller seats of learning.

No.3 Canberra

The Capital of Australia provides a quality environment for students and is widely regarded as one of the best mid sized cities for students. The universally acclaimed Australian National University makes its home in the city of Canberra and this also makes it an expensive place to move into.

No. 4 Gold Coast

Surrounded by pristine golden beaches, Gold Coast embodies the rich Australian culture with its beautiful landscapes. Bond University is one of the more well known seats of higher education at Gold Coast.

No. 5 Melbourne

Offering a truly metropolitan lifestyle, Melbourne offers fantastic views of the azure ocean and a taste of the luxuries of civilization. It is likely the largest and most attractive city for international students with at least one third of the entire student population coming from abroad. With eight major universities in the city, Melbourne also offers great public transport facilities.

No. 6 Perth

Boasting a serene and vibrant education focused city, Perth offers four universities with strong job prospects and robust economy. Perth offers Educational degrees from four universities. Its warmth is reflected from the natural abundance of bushlands, spectacular views of sunsets at the beach and the Swan Bell- one of the largest musical instruments on Earth.

No. 7 Sydney

Occasionally touted as one of the coolest places to study in Australia, Sydney’s culture is akin to the United States with its abundant beaches, live music feats and opportunities to study indigenous culture of the venerated Aborigines. About 5% of Sydney’s residents are university students studying across five centers of excellence spread across the city. However, the city’s prices for accommodation go through the roof!

Come down under to Australia Mate! What’s not to like here.

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