We at Avanse have always gone the extra mile to enhance and accelerate the education landscape in India. As an NBFC that specializes in education financing, we understand our responsibility towards the community and work towards creating access and avenues of opportunity.

With our CSR initiatives, we not only want to touch the lives of deserving Indian students but also the under-served.

We intend to play a key role in supporting deserving Under-served students to educate themselves and fulfil their educational goals.

Our vision

Making Quality Education Accessible for
every deserving underserved Indian Student

Our Key Projects – A Tangible Change

To realize our vision of empowering deserving under-served Indian students, we have partnered with three NGOs – MelJol, Samarthanam and Muktangan. Together, we strive to work towards achieving a holistic growth for the larger community by contributing towards developing the education ecosystem of the country. With this initiative, we aim to impact thousands of lives during its course.

As a responsible organization driven to make a positive change in the education sector, we have dedicated our expertise towards identifying the challenges faced by the underprivileged students. We have further curated the bridge to lend support to students, specially abled children and community teachers through online sessions and digital learning equipment for smarter delivery of education. The community teachers will then reach out to a larger student base.

Skill Building

MelJol works with 40 Ashram schools in Palgarh district and the project reaches out to about 5,340 adolescents. It is associated with disadvantaged children in Government schools, village institutions and pre-schools across the country to provide them with opportunities to participate in the process of development. We will be funding primary education of students from three Ashram schools in Palgarh that will impact ~400 students in the next 12 months.

Support in Education

Samarthanam helps differently abled youth with various courses around skill building and upskilling. Together, we will support ~25 students to complete their college program in Mumbai. We will also provide learning aid to facilitate digital learning and promote building an inclusive society which provides equal opportunities for all students. The initiative will support students of 12th standard with hostel facilities and food and will guide them with assistive equipment for their overall education and grooming.

Train the Trainer

Muktangan is associated with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and offers primary education to children. We will be training the teachers, especially women, to serve the agenda of “Education for the community, by the community”. The initiative will train ~500 community teachers that each will further create a positive influence in the lives of many more students.





Individuals Positively Impacted