Student’s Guide to Finding the Right Accommodation

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June 22, 2016
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Your Guide to Finding the Right Accommodation

One thing that worries most of us is how to find the right accommodation in a foreign country? Should one stay on-campus or off-campus in one question that often daunts a student? This blog is going to be your 1-on-1 guide to finding the right accommodation based on your need in an alien country.

Decide your budget
One of the most important factors that decide your type of accommodation is the budget that you are willing to spend on accommodation. This will not only help you save economically, but will also help narrow down your options thus bringing the process of hunting a house to an end.

Decide your type of accommodation
Unlike in India, in foreign countries you can decide the type of accommodation you want, based on your budget. One of the important decisions you need to make here are selecting between on-campus or residential halls of your unis and the private accommodations. Most unis have a dedicated department to help international students with accommodation facilities. The concerned personnel can also provide a list of uni verified and approved student-friendly private rental companies. While staying in university managed accommodations is the obvious choice if you are staying away from home for the first time, both the above mentioned alternatives have a list of pro’s and con’s attached to them. While deciding between these alternatives, we suggest you to make a list of the pro’s and con’s, so that you can make your decision with greater surety. Such as for instance, while you decide to stay on-campus you might be freed from the hassle of paying your bills or cooking for yourself, the downside is that you don’t get to choose whom you live with. Another thing worth noting is that dorms could be quite noisy at times. Now, if you compare these with the private accommodations, you will notice that although they are a bit dearer than dorms, you will find yourself at comfort in terms of things such as internet connection or peace or sanitation.

Safety matters
Don’t just settle for the cheapest alternative. Make sure that the accommodation is located in an area that is safe. This is one aspect we often ignore, not realising how actually important individual safety is. Do some research about the locality in which your accommodation is located. Get in touch with past-tenants and know their reviews on your choice. Ask them if they could recollect any instances of theft or harassment during their tenure of stay. This will not only help you make the right choice, but will also give peace of mind to your parents who might already be worried about the fact that you are going to live abroad.

Check the distance
One important aspect that you might ignore is the distance between your accommodation and your uni. While if you are planning to stay on-campus, you can ignore this point and jump to the next, but for the one who is planning on a rented accommodation, it is quite important to check the distance between the two. How far is the uni from where you decide to live? Is there public transportation available between the two destinations or could you walk-up the distance? What is the approximate monthly cost involved in terms of transportation? Is the monthly cost exceeding your budget? Also, if you plan to walk, it is important that you check the weather conditions to ensure if rains or cold winds or snow don’t obstruct your path. You might also want to sees how far are other places of your interest such as shopping malls, grocery stores, recreations places, etc from your place of stay.

A roomie? Yup or Nay?
Another hindrance that students often face is whether staying with a roommate a good idea or not? This again has its pro’s and con’s. In the initial few days, when you’re alone in a foreign country, having someone around you will make you forget the loneliness. It also gives you an amazing opportunity to make friends with people that hail from different cultures. You will find yourself learn a lot about their culture such as cuisines and language to name a few. Also, a roommate will be by your side in times of emergency such as accidents or sickness. You will find yourself a partner whom you can depend on, something which one often needs to beat the solitude of being alone. To add to your happiness, all the living expenses will get equally divided, which will save you a lot of money. However, on the downside, you will have to put-up with him/her on occasions when he/she brings his/her friends home especially when you have exams. On a regular basis, you might have to deal with the noise and mess when you have a roomie who loves partying and you are quite the opposite.

Join Groups
Nowadays, social media such as Facebook or other websites such as Student Accommodation One or Student Mundial help you form groups with students within your community who are also hunting for a place. Join such groups to know what are the localities to search or what prices to expect or to know if the place you have shortlisted has positive reviews from the market. Through such groups, you could also find students who are looking for a flatmate. This will help you know the current market trends in the country where you are going to study.

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