Toulouse, in the South-west of France, is an extremely popular tourist spot. It is known for its iconic museums, art galleries, and historic churches. Yet, not many people know that Toulouse is also considered to be the hub of Aerospace Business Management.

Toulouse is famous for being home to several leading aeronautics companies as well as centers of research. Being a hub of the aerospace industry, it offers numerous courses related to aerospace and aeronautics. With that in mind, here are the two main courses that you can pursue in Toulouse:

Global executive MBA (Aerospace)

This course is conducted by the Toulouse Business School (TBS). As part of the Global Executive MBA, you can learn the effective management skills, corporate strategy, human resource management, and business strategic planning. This course allows you to specialize in aerospace MBA. In your aerospace MBA specialization, you will cover topics such as aviation management, data analytics, artificial intelligence, space business, and many more.

This professionally designed course takes place in the form of classroom sessions as well as provides students with industry experience. Professionals prefer pursuing a Global Executive MBA in Toulouse as this does not restrict them to theoretical learning but also gives them hands-on experience.

MSc Aerospace Management

This management course trains students to hold top-level positions of command in the space aeronautics and airline industry. The teaching includes a variety of methods to provide a holistic learning experience. Course participants study through classroom sessions, case studies, as well as workshops. The subjects that are covered in this course include finance management, marketing, human resource management, and strategizing in the aerospace industry.

As part of the course, you will also get to meet top-level professionals in the aerospace industry and thus, build on your ability to network. Studying MSc Aerospace Management in Toulouse aids industry professionals to not just know the theory part of the course but also helps them gain practical knowledge required for this field.

This is an overview of the two main courses that you can pursue in aerospace management in Toulouse. To secure the finances for this, you can even apply for a  higher education loan. Let us take a look at some more reasons why Toulouse proves to be the perfect destination for Aerospace studies.

  1. Suited for working professionals

    Professionals who have been working in this field for more than a decade face difficulties in finding universities that accept their admission applications. However, Toulouse aerospace courses welcome professionals of all ages to enroll.

  2. Great quality of life

    Toulouse is known for being a beautiful and hygienic city. As an international student, you will not be alone or feel left out because the natives are very warm and welcoming.

  3. Good career opportunities

    Being the home of Aerospace Business Management, you can rest assured that there is no better place where you will find greater job prospects upon completion of your Aerospace management course.

    Now that you have read up on Toulouse and the aerospace courses it offers, the next thing that you might be wondering about is the finances. Do not worry; we at Avanse can take care of that by offering you an overseas education loan which will cover all your academic expenses, so do get in touch with us.

We hope this article has been helpful, all the best!

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