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India is fast emerging as one of the world’s most exciting and progressive education hubs. It is home to countless new-age universities and educational institutes that offer a plethora of programs, both niche, and mainstream! In fact, this wide array of choices encourages international students to study in India as well.

These new-age courses need a new age finance company. That’s why Avanse offers 100% study loans in India without any margin money and we don’t have a cap on the loan amount. Our tailor-made study loans in India are designed to finance your plans and make it easier for you to study in India. With Avanse, you can get finance solutions for most traditional and non-traditional courses from engineering, medicine, law, management to hospitality, culinary, aviation, arts, media studies and much, much more.

Avanse believes in being accessible to every aspiring student that desires to study in India. Currently, you can get a study loan in India across 183 locations. We, therefore, support multi-city co-borrowers and customized study loans in India, along with door-step advise and solutions. We are known and valued for our quick sanctioning and processing.

Our Study India Loans are Quick & hassle-free!

When instant finance Is the need of the hour, You can count on us!

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A loan for Higher studies in India that is express processed, sanctioned & disbursed, Subject to all Documentation procedures being followed.

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Frequently asked questions

 Many students are not sure how to fund their further education plans, especially since it has become so expensive to study in India. Some use their family savings, others borrow from relatives while some are forced to sell precious assets like their land, gold, etc.  
 But the best way to finance your academic plans is to opt for a student loan. Our higher education loans are specially designed around the needs of students like you. With study in India loans from Avanse, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 100% finance.
  • Your savings/investments stay intact.
  • Your credit score is greatly improved.

So if you have big plans to study in India but you are worried about the cost, just relax, we have your back! Just get in touch with us and we’ll handle everything!

Our higher education loans provide 100% finance – this means that we will cover all your education-related expenses. For example, you can get finance for the following costs:

  • Course fees
  • Entrance exams costs
  • Purchase of laptop
  • Cost of study material
  • Any deposits payable

So as you can see, when you opt for a study in India loan from Avanse, you won’t have to worry about any education-related expenses.

We do not have any upper limit on the loan amount. However, the loan amount we will provide you depends on numerous factors such as your academic record, your co-borrower’s financial capacity, etc. If you want a clearer idea of the loan amount you are eligible for, you can use our eligibility calculator by clicking here. Or, better yet, we suggest you visit your nearest Avanse branch or contact us to schedule a doorstep visit

 We do not require any margin money. We provide 100% finance so you do not have to worry about a down payment. With a higher education loan from Avanse, you get complete funding and complete peace of mind!

Our main goal is to make education loans more accessible for you! That’s why we do not require any security/collateral to provide you a study in India loan. However, by providing collateral, you can greatly increase your loan eligibility and reduce your interest rates. Therefore, if you are able and willing to provide security, it is always better.

 We provide tenures up to 120 months! This ensures that repaying a higher education loan is easy!

Here is a list of some of the documents that you would need for a study in India Loan:

  • Your KYC
  • All your educational documents
  • The details of the cost of your course
  • The KYC of the co-borrower
  • The income documents of the co-borrower
  • Collateral documents.
FAQs are indicative in nature. The facility shall be subject to its terms and conditions*

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Avanse Education Loan

Avanse Education Loan
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July 13, 2020
I think every student should use these education loan calculators. They helped plan my repayments and also find ways to save money through prepayments.

June 29, 2020
Thanks to the education loan EMI calculator I was able to plan my repayment and ensure there were no expected problems along the way.

June 19, 2020
Thank you to the Avanse team for providing a truly amazing education loan for abroad studies. Covered all my education-related expenses and also came with repayment plans to suit my needs.