Did you know that India is a young nation with 500 million in the age bracket of 5-24? It is not only buzzing with young talent but also has a plethora of employment opportunities. Students must align their academic journey planning with their career plans. So, here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in India you must know.

Key Highlights

Best jobs in India with high salary

·         Information Technology and other computer-related jobs

·         Product Management

·         Business Management

·         Investment Banker

·         Business Analyst

·         Commercial Pilot

·         Engineering

·         Marketing Manager

·         Designing

·         Animation

Best jobs in India with high salary

1) Information Technology and other computer-related jobs

We are the always-online population connected through the Internet of things (IoT). With Industry 4.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution, the world has witnessed the mass adoption of technology across sectors and industries. Every sector has embraced digitalisation, whether it is manufacturing or supply-chain management, healthcare or BFSI. Therefore, the IT sector is booming with the most in-demand and emerging job opportunities.

Some in-demand career avenues in IT

·         Data Scientist

·         Machine Learning

·         Blockchain Developer

·         Artificial Intelligence

·         Full Stack Software Developer

Interesting fact: As per experts, the Indian IT sector has created ~10,00,000 new work opportunities so far, and our country is projected to witness one crore jobs by 2025-26 in this sector.

2) Product Management

As a product manager, you will handle the entire lifecycle of the product right from inception to launch. With FMCG, Consumer Durable and BFSI sectors flourishing, the demand for product managers is increasing. Developing product strategy and marketing will be the important aspects of Product Management.

3) Business Management

Business Management is not limited to any one industry or sector, as every organisation needs a good business manager. To be a good business manager, one needs to be an effective leader and know people management skills because managers will be associated with several activities, including operations and human capital.


·         Full-time MBA

·         Part-time MBA

·         PGDBA

·         Executive MBA

4) Investment Banker

Investment banking is known as one of the best salary jobs in India. If you like budgeting, accounts, investment and other finance-related aspects, you can build a lucrative career as an Investment Banker. Investment professionals are primarily responsible for raising capital and acting as financial advisors for their organisations.

5) Business Analyst

The job involves evaluating the business processes and interpreting the data to drive the business. The Business Analyst is the essential link between IT and business functions. They are responsible for creating sustainable-profitable organisations. The job involves deriving meaningful insights from the data and identifying problem areas in order to transform the companies.

6) Commercial Pilot

Aviation jobs, especially work opportunities for Commerical Pilots, are becoming immensely popular, thanks to increasing passenger traffic. It can be a dream job for many as it will give you a chance to fly around the world. You will have to complete rigorous training from a reputed flying school to earn a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Interesting Fact: Our nation will need 1,000 Commercial Pilots per year for the next 5 years.

7) Engineering

Engineering is one of the STEM courses and is popular among Indian students and also their parents. Engineering has a plethora of specialisations, and you must select one that perfectly syncs with your innate ability and academic background.

Some popular and highly paid Engineering careers

·         Automotive Engineering

·         Aerospace Engineering

·         Civil Engineering

·         Electronics and Communications Engineering

8) Marketing Manager

The role of a Marketing Manager is beyond promoting products and services. It involves developing marketing strategies, creating brand awareness, and handling business development. A Marketing Management degree from a well-ranked university can unlock a lucrative career.

9) Designing

It is an umbrella term comprising various elements from Game Designing to Interior Designing. You can turn it into a profession if you are creative and artistic. Several varsities offer design courses to impart technical skills.

Some streams to consider in Designing

·         Graphic Desgining

·         UI/UX Designing

·         Fashion Designing

10) Animation

Multimedia artists or animators are known for developing some awe-inspiring special effects in sci-fi movies and video games. Turning ideas into surreal game environments, 3D character using digital tools and computer codes is an art in itself.

Some career paths you can explore in the Animation space

·         Art Director

·         Character Animator

·         CGI Specialists

·         Storyboard Demonstrator

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