Time is Money, - Benjamin Franklin.

Time is precious and hence has to be spent wisely, especially by the student community. Whether you have to attend a class, prepare for exams, present to the class or arrange a group study, time is indeed crucial. But how can students strike the right balance when they have to complete so many tasks? Here’s how you can effectively use the most expensive and valuable resource, “time”.

Key Highlights

  • Time management tips for students
  • Know your goals
  • Start early
  • Know all your deadlines
  • Right use of technology    
  • Time management strategies for students
  • Pomodoro technique
  • Create a schedule

Time management tips for students

Know your goals

If you don’t know what tasks you have to achieve, you will not be able to plan your schedule. So start with identifying the goals you have to accomplish in the short-term and long- term. Begin by listing down all the tasks that need your immediate attention.

Short-term goals examples

Long-term goals examples

Class presentation

Semester or final exams

Group study

Project work

Weekly test


Start early
This is one of the underrated and underappreciated methods of managing time. Imagine this: every student gets 24 hours a day and has similar tasks to complete in their academic life. Let’s say you start getting up at 6:00 am instead of your usual 8:00 am. You get two extra hours which you can effectively utilise to study more.
Also, you can start working on that project or presentation early. For instance, if your assignment is due on the last week of the month. How about working on it from the start of the month? It’s fantastic; try it.

Know all your deadlines
How to manage time wisely for students in case of short deadlines? Multiple tasks to be achieved in a short time frame can easily stress you out but not if you know all the deadlines and plan to achieve them one assignment at a time.
Here’s how to meet deadlines

  • List your deadline
  • Put them on the sticky notes
  • Use checklists
  • Start with small tasks
  • Design a plan to achieve them one by one

Right use of technology                
You can either let technology rob your time or save your time. If you often lose track of time on social media websites, you will have to limit your screen time. Although socialising is essential, you should avoid devoting the time allotted to studies to connect with your friends.
Here’s how to use technology for time management

  • Utilise the calendar and timers to plan your studies and other activities
  • Download time management apps
  • Use online task manager

In addition to the tips, here are some time management strategies for students

Pomodoro technique
It is a powerful time management technique that helps you break your habit of procrastinating and use your time efficiently.
Here’s how it works

  • Identify the task at hand
  • Allot 25 minutes for this task alone
  • Devote yourself to this assignment for 25 minutes
  • Take a breather for 5 minutes
  • Repeat this until you achieve your goal by taking longer breaks as your progress

Create a schedule
You can use a digital schedule planner or note it down in your journal. In the planner, allot time for lectures, studies, socialising, sports, and so on. Also, please don’t forget to assign 7-8 hours to sleep, which is essential to stay healthy.
So, these are some time management tips to boost your productivity. If you are planning your higher education, the best tip, in this case, would be to opt for an education loan to finance your education independently.
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