Canada is one of the most popular destinations for students who are looking to get a degree overseas. It is ranked 5th in QS world ranking for the Education System Strength.  This country has a wide range of higher education institutions. Some of the top-ranked universities are in Canada. They also have an incredible reputation when it comes to academic performance and high employment rate. This is the reason why so many students from all over the world apply for study abroad loan plans to pursue their education in Canada.

In this article, we will explore McGill University, deep dive into the various courses offered and understand the opportunities students can enjoy here. Founded in 1821, McGill University is a public institution. This university offers 561 graduate programs and 715 undergraduate programs.

Appended are some of the degrees it offers and the number of courses available under each of them.

Degree Number of Courses
Bachelor of Arts 177
Bachelor of Arts & Science 138
Bachelor of Commerce 37
Bachelor of Education 14
Bachelor of Education for Certified Teachers 2
Bachelor of Engineering 39
Bachelor of Music 24
Bachelor of Science 202
Bachelor of Theology 2
Certificate 20
Diploma 14
Doctor of Civil Law 3
Doctor of Music 2
Doctor of Philosophy 139
Graduate Certificate 8
Graduate Diploma in Translation 4
Master of Architecture 5
Master of Arts 116
Master of Business Administration 12
Master of Education 6
Master of Engineering 18
Master of Laws 9
Master of Management 8
Master of Music 10
Master of Science 89
Master of Science Applied 35
Master of Social Work 6
Master of Urban Planning 3

Now let’s take a look at the various subjects and courses that are offered in this university.

Some of the subjects offered under Bachelor of Arts degree are – Literature, Cultural Studies, English – Drama & Theatre, Environment & Development, Economics & the Earth’s Environment, Geography (Urban Studies), Anthropology, Art History, Behavioural Science, Canadian Studies, Communication Studies, Economics, Educational Psychology, Gender-Sexuality-Feminist & Social Justice Studies, History, International Development Studies, Industrial & Labour Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Religion & Globalization, Sociology, Social Entrepreneurship, South Asian Studies, Social Studies and many more. With so many subjects offered, taking an education loan and studying in Canada proves to be a great option.

Subjects available under Bachelor of Commerce are – Finance (for non-management students), Management (for non-management students), Marketing (for non-management students), Operations Management (for non-management students), Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Information Systems: Digital Innovation, Information Systems: IT for Business, Labour – Management Relations & HR, Managing for Sustainability, Organizational Behaviour, Retail Management, Strategic Management – Social Business & Enterprise, Strategic Management – Global Strategy, Economics & Accounting, Economics, International Management, Mathematics for Management Students, Statistics for Management Students.

Some of the interesting courses offered by the university under the Bachelor of Education degree are – Major Music Education & Bachelor of Education, Kindergarten & Elementary Education, Physical & Health Education, Secondary Social Science – History & Citizenship, Ethics & Religious Culture, Secondary Science & Technology, Secondary English, Teaching English as a Second Language and many more.

Courses offered under Bachelor of Engineering are – Bioengineering, Bioresource Engineering, Animal Biology, Animal Health & Disease, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Construction Engineering & Management, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, Technological Entrepreneurship, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering –Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering – Design, Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics, Mining Engineering.

Subjects available in Bachelor of Science domain are – Agribusiness, Environmental Economics, Animal Production, Ecological Agriculture, Professional Agrology, Plant Production, Soil & Water Resources, Applied Ecology, Plant Biology, Wildlife Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation, Ecological Determinants of Health – Cellular, Ecological Determinants of Health – Population, Environmetrics, Land Surface Processes & Environment Change, Renewable Resource Management, Water Environments & Ecosystem, Life Sciences, Microbiology & Molecular Biotechnology, Agribusiness Entrepreneurship, Agro-Environmental Sciences, Global Food Security, Human Nutrition, Architecture, Quantitative Biology, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biology & Mathematics, Computer Science & Biology, Kinesiology, Physiology & Mathematics, Pharmacology, Psychology, Food Science/Nutritional Science, Microbiology & Immunology, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutritional Biochemistry, Sports Nutrition, Chemistry – Atmosphere & Environment, Biophysical Chemistry, Bio-organic, Atmospheric Environment & Air Quality, Cognitive Science, Geochemistry, Geology, Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, Mathematics to name a few.

Some of the Diploma courses offered in this university are – Applied Marketing, Clinical Research, Digital Analytics & Business Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Health & Social Services Management, HR Management, Human Relationships, Diversity & Sexuality, Integrated Aviation Management, Medical Radiation Physics, Meteorology, Management: Entrepreneurship Concentration, Management: Internet Business Concentration, Management: International Business Concentration, Mining Engineering, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Oncology, Public Administration & Governance, Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Public Relations & Communications Management, Supply Chain & Operations Management, Surgical Innovation, Accounting.

Courses available under Masters in Arts domain are – Anthropology, Art History, Communication Studies: Gender & Women’s Studies, Counselling Psychology, Economics, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, English, Geography, History of Medicine, Kinesiology & Physical Education, Linguistics, Music Education, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and many more.

Some of subjects offered as a part of Masters of Engineering domain are – Aerospace Engineering, Biological & Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mining Engineering. Many students opt for education loan plans that cover their academic expenses to pursue such courses.

Law courses offered under Masters of Law degree are Air & Space Law, Comparative Law, Environment and Bioethics while management courses offered under Masters of Management are Analytics, Finance, Manufacturing Management, and Retailing.

Masters of Science degree is available for the following subjects – Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, Bioinformatics, Chemical Biology, Biology: Environment, Biology: Neotropical Environment, Bioresource Engineering, Biostatistics, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Dental Sciences, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Entomology, Epidemiology: Environmental & Occupational Health, Epidemiology: Pharmacoepidemiology, Experimental Medicine: Bioethics, Experimental Surgery, Family Medicine: Bioethics, Food Science & Agricultural Chemistry, Genetic Counselling, Human Nutrition, Human Genetics, Medical Radiation Physics, Microbiology & Immunology, Mathematics & Statistics, Neuroscience, Otalaryngology, Parasitology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physics, Physiology, Plant Science, Public Health, Rehabilitation Science, Renewable Resources and many more.

To get a detailed picture of all the courses offered by this university, please check the website.

The total number of students hosted by this university during fall 2019 was ~40,153. Among these, ~31.9% were international students. Undergraduate enrolment was ~27,573 and graduate enrolment was ~10,260. Other students were Postdoctoral Scholars, Residents & Fellows and other non-credit courses.

The university makes sure that students are guided under experienced faculty members. In addition, it provides internships to the students for understanding the study field better and to get the necessary exposure for their overall development. Admissions at the McGill University happen twice a year. It accept applications in the months of March and July. So, plan to apply for your study abroad loan accordingly so as to not miss out on any deadlines.

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