Whether you plan to study in India or study abroad, a group discussion is a crucial part of the university application process. Many educational institutions will require you to attend a GD to evaluate your communication skills. Group discussions are used primarily to assess the student’s confidence, listening skills, and social skills. The first impression is often the most important aspect of the interview process so ensure you give your best. We understand how stressful these GDs can be, and sometimes, it is difficult to put your points forward in front of other aspirants. So, here are some incredible tips to excel in GDs.

Start the conversation!

Yes, it is incredibly nerve-racking to be the first to initiate a communication, but that will help you stand out. Just introduce yourself and the topic to get the discussion going. Secondly, as the group discussion progresses, a lot of participants will join in, and you may find it difficult to get a chance to present your views. So, when you go first, it allows you to share your views and get noticed by the moderator too.

Try to relax and be yourself

It is best to be yourself so carry your interests, strengths, knowledge and traits with you when you enter that room for group discussion. Before proceeding with GD, take some deep breaths to reduce your stress which will help you calm down. It is recommended to wear formal attire and ensure you are comfortable with what you wear. Please remember to collect your thoughts, avoid cutting someone off during the conversation, and do not raise your voice.

Listening skills matter

Remember! It is called a group discussion for a reason. So, allow others to share their views and respond when necessary. The group discussion examiners will observe your behaviour and accordingly allot scores. Therefore, nodding appropriately, responding to other participants, taking notes, and quoting them when speaking will suggest that you listen attentively.

Stay positive and proactive

There are often more than 5 people sitting in one room with different opinions and viewpoints when it comes to a group discussion. Even if there is a conflict in opinion, remember to stay positive. Do not give up just because other participants have different perspectives. Keep coming up with points that are positive in nature. Try to get everyone included in the discussion and gently remind anyone who is dominating the conversation to take a step back and let others speak.

Learn when to conclude the discussion

A group discussionis not a debate that needs to go on for hours. Even if you don’t start the discussion, try concluding it when it gets repetitive. Listen, remember what the other participants have said, and conclude it graciously. That proves to the observers that you have been actively listening and registering the points in your mind.

We hope these tips help you during your group discussion. Please remember that your positive attitude will reduce your stress to a great extent. If you are stressed about finances, then you can leave your worries behind by opting for a student loan. At Avanse Financial Services, we offer an education loan that covers the holistic cost of education, including tuition fees, accommodation costs, living expenses, cost of learning devices, study material costs, and other education-related expenses. If you want any assistance, please remember we are just a call away. All the best.


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