The way forward

The hybrid learning model, also known as blended learning, is a perfect mix of on-campus and e-learning. Recently, the hybrid model has taken center stage with multiple ed-tech companies transforming the learning space with technology. Did you know that the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 supports hybrid education? Hence, University Grants Commission (UGC) has allowed 40% of the curriculum to be taught online.

Student experience

Study abroad students and students in India have embraced hybrid classroom settings but are still learning to adjust to new developments as we progress. Before the hybrid classrooms became the norm, traditional learning was about long lectures, discussions followed by questions or doubts. However, pedagogy has changed, thanks to technology that makes the study material readily available. So, now the questions are answered first, followed by discussions.

So, how to continuously evolve to meet the challenges of hybrid education and make great strides in the academic journey? Let’s learn some essential tips:

1.Time to act more responsibly

Online programs, longer screen-time, multiple discussion threads in the chat rooms can keep you super busy. So, it is essential to manage your time as schedules can be highly demanding and scattered. Hybrid education has study material integrated with technology which is easily accessible, and teachers act as facilitators. Hence, you will have to take the responsibility of gaining deeper insights into your area of studies beyond your study material.

2.Know your strengths and weaknesses

Every student has its unique qualities, abilities, strengths and weaknesses, identify yours!  Take action to build your strategy to leverage your strengths and find solutions to eliminate your weaknesses. For instance, plan your schedule, including your hybrid learning study program, depending on whether you are an early bird or night owl, to maximize your productivity.

If your weakness is procrastination, then create a small online study group from your hybrid classroom so that each of you can divide work. This also makes you accountable, and thus, encourages you to finish your tasks.

3.Technical issues will be part of hybrid learning

So, you have worked really hard to finish that project you are supposed to share with your professor, but your laptop goes kaput right when it is your turn to submit it. Now, your anxiety level goes through the roof because you are worried your faculty will think you did it to dodge your submission simply because you weren’t prepared.

So, firstly, be prepared for such technical issues. Take screenshots from time to time so you can share the same with your faculty. Secondly, invest in suitable learning devices for your hybrid learningDid you know that education loans usually cover equipment costs too as they are designed to cover the holistic cost of your education. So don’t worry about the cost of purchasing a good learning device. It is advised to invest in these devices and good internet connection to avoid such scenarios.

4.Be active

Let us tell you a secret to gain some brownie points from your professors. The secret is – participate in a hybrid classroom! Interact with your faculty, ask all your doubts and actively participate in group projects. Although faculty now take on facilitators’ role, they observe your initiatives, engagement level, interest level, and more. This helps build a good rapport with faculty members too.

5.Keep track of your assignments

With multiple subjects, several classes, it is only natural to lose track of assignments. It is best to create a to-do list to ensure you keep track of each and every activity. This way, assignments, projects and tasks are noted down, which you can later chase and complete all.

So, we hope these tips help you increase your productivity and ace all your exams. If you plan to enrol in hybrid learning programs, loans for higher education would be a great choice. If you have any doubts, you can always connect with us. We, at Avanse, will be glad to assist you. All the best!

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