We all know the importance of getting a good score on our language proficiency tests. They are vital to secure admission to good universities, and this is why hundreds of students try and do their best on these tests.

The PTE test is one of the most common language proficiency tests which is widely accepted around the world. This is why many students choose to give this test and worry about faring well. If you are a student who is worrying about this too, then we might be able to help you with your concerns.

In this blog, we will aim to show you the right way to prepare for your PTE test at home, and this should help you ace it! So, let us get started:

First, it is very important to understand the structure of the PTE test. There are 4 sections of this test: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. To do well on the PTE test, you need to study each section with equal focus. Let us go by each one to understand how to prepare for them:


In this section, make sure to be confident and clear when you are reading aloud. Be audible and do not go too fast, as it could result in affecting your scores. Even if you make a mistake, do not take a pause or come to a halt. You will also have to keep track of the time since you only get 20 minutes for the essay and summary writing sections each. While attempting the Repeat sentences section, make sure to focus on the phrases and words used since you need to be fluent with good pronunciation.


In this section, you will have to summarize a written text and write an essay. One important thing to keep in mind is to stay within the word limit. For the summarization of the written text, you need to write one sentence between 5 to 75 words. For the essay, make sure to keep your word count between 200 to 300 words.


In the Reading section, you will have to re-order paragraphs and answer two types of multiple-choice questions: Single answer and Multiple answers. You are given 32 to 40 minutes to complete this section. To do well in this section, you need to work on your grammatical skills.

In the multiple-choice section, make sure to read the passage carefully in order to avoid the risk of being negatively marked. Again, time is of the essence, and hence you should focus on your reading skills. Reading paragraphs daily would help you in identifying keywords that would make it easier to re-order the passage.


The Listening section involves a computer playing audio and video clips for you which include questions that you have to answer. You can adjust the volume according to your preference, but the clip will only be played once for you. Ideally, spend 30 minutes listening to radio stations or TED talks every day. This will help improve your comprehension as well as build your vocabulary.

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