A good SOP is as important for your MS application as a CV is for a job interview, probably more important even! This is why students must put a lot of thought & effort into their statement of purpose. It should convince the admission committee that you are serious about the course and that this course is crucial for your career and future plans.

However, writing a good SOP is easier said than done, especially since most students have never written one before. Worried? Just chill! Here are some tips and sample SOPs that you can use to frame your SOP perfectly and breeze through the application process.

Be clear about what you are saying

Always be very specific about whatever you are mentioning in your statement of purpose. Explain in detail why you are interested in the course, the factors that made you choose the field you are pursuing, and what kind of skills you have and your intent to further develop. Also, remember to keep it crisp and simple.

Customize your SOP

A lot of students have a common practice of using the same template while writing their statement of purpose. They just change the essential details while sending it to different colleges. But what you should rather do is, tailor your statement of purpose keeping in mind the culture and values of the university you are applying to.

Make sure your SOP it not too plain

Imagine coming across a line saying “I would like to change the world and make a difference using my skills.” Even though it is noble and respectable, it is a phrase that you have come across many times. This is considered to be plain and basic, something which almost every other student mentions in his/her statement of purpose. Instead of this, you should make your statement of purpose more authentic and real. Mention your experiences and how they have helped you grow.

Address any issue openly

If you have faced any kind of bumps along the way, for instance, low grades in one semester or any gap, then address it with honesty. Often students just cover them up. But we suggest that you should mention them along with the reason or the cause. You usually come across as an honest and determined individual when you mention your setbacks, and how you worked towards overcoming them.

These are some of the points that you should keep in mind while making your SOP. To give you a better idea, here are two samples that you can refer to:

Sample 1 

Time is money, and nobody sets out to waste it. At a core of business lies its finances, and how it allocated this resource to expand further. It is obviously a very delicate balance, and requires constant maintenance. I studied finance in my undergraduate studies because I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of using money to make more money. Only the addition of time and careful investing makes that reaction thermodynamically possible. A MBA in Finance will give me the investing and management skills I need to ensure that finances are carefully kept in balance to allow my firm to thrive. Since graduating, I’ve seen some of my classmates make tens of thousands of dollars only to lose it all on failed investments. While no business is without risk, there is a strategy to minimize that risk. That strategy is what I intend to find, and to be able to make that strategy customizable to businesses. An MBA will give me the tools I need to understand the costs of managing a business, and teach me to recognize ventures that are worth spending on. My goal is to use this knowledge to start my own consulting firm to provide companies with viable financial strategies and accurate risk analysis portfolios. Finance is a very exciting field that combines understanding of market behaviour with aspects of statistical modelling and prediction. I have always enjoyed everything about numbers, especially in statistical manipulation. An MBA in finance would place me in a perfect position to network with many companies to provide me with a pool of possible clientele, which leads directly to my career goal of opening my own firm. Behind every successful business is a very savvy finance plan, and I want to be the first one that develops those.

This is a great SOP, as it sums up the student’s goal. The student has very effectively stated his interests and what he looks forward to learning.

Sample 2

In the day-to-day operations of business, one will encounter a wide range of people with varying personalities. Successful business management requires knowledge of how to best utilize the balance of strengths and weaknesses found in each individual. In my undergraduate studies, I double majored in economics and psychology because I believe that a thorough understanding of both people and markets is crucial to leading a successful business. I hope to augment my experiences and knowledge further by pursuing an Executive MBA, which will give me the advanced skills I need achieve my career goals. Through my time in leadership positions, I have learned how to utilize and develop various personality types to reach an objective. I successfully implemented strengths-finder software at my previous company, which developed a list of employee strengths and weaknesses and assigned project groups based on that data. The reorganization resulted in a 30% net gain for the company over the following year. I believe that a successful business leader is one that understanding how to strategically implement the resources of the company to ensure maximum development and potential. Despite my desire to be a leader, I even more strongly desire to be part of an effective team. An Executive MBA will help me understand my leadership role as part of a company hierarchy and how to successfully work together with other business leaders to combine our expertise. Through my time in pursuit of an MBA, I plan to take on multiple team projects so that I can develop my teamwork skills. I hope to further hone my communication skills, especially in an international context. My EMBA is crucial to my development as a person as well as a business leader, and I hope to be able to fully take advantage of this opportunity.

This is another example of an effective statement of purpose. It not only states the student’s job experience but also captures his accomplishments. He concludes it by clearly mentioning the skills he aspires to acquire.

A strong SOP will help you to boost your chances of getting accepted by the University of your choice. The next step for you is to arrange the finances for your university expenses. We at Avanse can help you out with that, so get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist.

We hope this article helps you in writing a great SOP, all the best!

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