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Education Loan for MBA:

Pursuing an MBA will give your professional career a huge boost. However, with the cost of higher studies increasing every day, the dreams of an executive education can seem distant. But with our educational loan for MBA, you can chase your aspirations with ease, and more importantly, without worrying about the costs!

You can turn to us for a feature-rich education loan for MBA that makes it easy to pursue your dreams and climb the professional ladder. We design our finance solutions keeping in mind all the needs of budding aspirants like you. We provide comprehensive financing for MBA courses, management courses, post-graduate studies and specialist courses among many others.

Some of the features of our education loan for MBA:

  • 100% financing
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Quick turnaround times & sanctions
  • A widespread of approved colleges & institutes
  • No collaterals required
  • No limit on loan amount
  • Doorstep assistance
Benefits of an education loan for MBA?
An educational loan for MBA comes with a number of benefits that make it even easier to achieve your dreams. Some of these benefits are stated below:
  1. Moratorium period: You don’t have to start repaying an educational loan for MBA immediately. This is because all student loans come with a moratorium or EMI holiday period. During this period you do not have to pay even a single installment. This usually lasts until 6 months after you’ve finished your course or got yourself a job, whichever occurs first.
  2. Comprehensive cover: Our education loans cover everything from course fee to living expenses and everything in-between. If you need to buy a new laptop, you can tap into your educational loan for MBA, the same goes for the cost of entrance exams, study material, any deposits that are payable, etc.
So why wait?

Just apply for your educational loan for MBA. We’ll ensure super-quick approvals & transfer to your bank account so you do not have to delay your plans. You can apply online or visit one of our branches to put in your application. If you need more information regarding our education loan for MBA, feel free to get in touch with one of your executives.