What is Deferred MBA?

Most of will you be aware that a lot of business schools require at least 2-4 years of work experience prior to pursuing MBA degree. This looks a little difficult when you start planning to pursue this degree post completing your under-graduation program. You don’t have to worry at all as you will be able to book your MBA seat well in advance, get the required criteria sorted and join your dream institution to pursue the desired course. Surprised? Have you heard of ‘deferred MBA’? Well, let’s take a look at this unique concept and understand how it works.

Deferred MBA is nothing but an interesting way of applying in some of the top B-schools without the required work experience. This program grants you pre-admission either during the final year of your under-graduation course or immediately after completing the course. If you are accepted for a deferred MBA course, you can easily enroll for this after gaining the required work experience as per the program you opt for. Hence, you can block you seat in advance so that nothing can come in your way of achieving your academic goal.

Benefits of applying for Deferred MBA course

MBA is one of the most sought-after courses in the world. Students from across the world aspire to pursue this degree course to grow in their career. Hence, you can comprehend the high demand of this course. As an educational aspirant, you will always want to get this degree from one of the best institutions. Deferred MBA is an ideal way of guaranteeing your MBA degree while you still work towards getting the necessary experience.

Early acceptance gives you the sense of security and confidence as you know that no matter how competitive this space becomes, your chance to fulfil your academic aspiration has been taken care of. Rather than worrying what you want to do next, you can concentrate on securing relevant work experience which will help you grow as a professional. One of the most important benefits that this degree offers is that, it gives you extra time to work and plan well for all your education related expenses. This program facilitates the candidate a guaranteed seat in prestigious and well-established institutes while building up on work experience.

Who can apply for this program?

Students who are currently in your final year of under-graduation program or have recently graduated can apply for deferred MBA. Let us highlight something extremely important here. Applying for a deferred MBA program is extremely competitive. Applicants need to be strong in their academic career. Since, you will not have the required work experience to show at the time of admission, you will need to have an exemplary academic record, strong analytic and quantitative abilities, high competitive exam scores, leadership traits/potential, noteworthy extracurricular experience, your passion to achieve your professional goal and a well-structured path to do the same.

A lot of colleges in the US offer this unique program. Some of them are Harvard Business School, Stanford GBS, Columbia Business School and MIT Sloan to name a few. If there is such a unique option of getting your seat confirmed in advance for your MBA degree, then why not start planning for it early. Watch this space for more details on this program. Meanwhile, if you have any query, please reach out to us immediately.

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