How MBA in India Can Speed Up Your Career

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Mba Study in India

An MBA, Masters of Business Administration, is a degree that is recognized worldwide. It is meant to help students develop skills that are required for business, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, etc. It is also useful for careers in the public sector, government, private sector, amongst other areas. The core subjects in an MBA include, but are not limited to, accounting, economics, marketing, and operations.

In India, there are around 5,500 universities that offer an MBA course. However, getting an MBA from a reputed university is more beneficial for your career. If you want to apply for an MBA course, you would need to give examinations such as the GRE, GMAT, CAT, and other examinations that are university specific.

Are you contemplating getting an MBA? If so, here is how MBA in India can speed up your career.

Skills that can easily be transferred

The skills you learn during your MBA degree such as management, sales, leadership, analytical thinking, communication, creativity, etc., can be transferred easily to other sectors and industries. You become more versatile than most other programs. For example, skills learned in degrees that are specific to one particular career such as a law degree or a medical degree cannot be transferred to other sectors.

Specializations within the degree

Even within the MBA degree, there are various specializations and concentrations. This makes it easier for students to decide what they want their career to be post the degree. For example, if you know that you are interested in digital marketing or social media marketing, you can pick that as a concentration. Choosing a concentration that is interesting to you also makes you more marketable once you have completed the degree.

Higher salary after the completion of the degree

Job security and a higher salary than other degrees are two of the most important benefits of getting an MBA from India. The average income per annum is much higher than other sectors. MBA graduates earn twice as much than people with Masters or other professional degrees. There are various careers to choose from wherein you will get a good return of investment such as research analyst, HR manager, sales manager, etc.

Open your own business

Most MBA aspirants decide to do an MBA because they have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. An MBA gives you skills that are required to open and manage a business properly.

Now you might be wondering why you should do an MBA from India and not from other countries. An Indian MBA will give you knowledge that is specific to the Indian market, the Indian market is currently booming, an MBA in India is also much cheaper than foreign countries and most universities are world-renowned. Thus, it is beneficial to your career

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