Engineering: Science, Math and Innovations

Engineering is one of the most competitive and exciting domains that requires excellent problem-solving skills. Did you know that the global engineering services market is set to touch a USD 1167.21 billion mark by 2025, which was USD 830.48 billion back in 2020? This highlights the demand for engineering jobs in the future. 

If you aspire to design, develop, install, modify products and machines and, more importantly, transform the world with innovations, you can pursue engineering courses. Here are the best engineering courses that can fetch you excellent career prospects.

Automation & Robotics Engineering 

The course will teach you how to create, design, repair and develop new models of machines and robots. In short, you will be making our lives simpler with new tools and technology. This technology is used right from nuclear science to sea exploration and manufacturing units to medical infrastructure. Some best engineering courses in this domain will impart knowledge of programming language and other critical elements.

Popular universities 
  • Arizona State University, the USA 
  • Liverpool Hope University, the UK
  • Centennial College, Canada 
Civil Engineering 

If you have a keen interest in the engineering marvels such as Bandra-Worli Sea Link and are passionate to create one yourself, you can start planning your academic journey in this field. The course will train you to design, build, manage, and maintain elaborate construction projects. It is one of the best engineering courses that will teach you to be future-ready. You can work as a Project Manager, Site Engineer, City Engineer, Architect, Civil Engineer, etc. 

Popular universities 
  • University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • University of South Alabama, the USA
  • California State University, the USA
Aerospace Engineering 

With the estimated global demand for 27,000 passenger planes and 40,000 commercial helicopters between 2013 and 2031, it would be appropriate to say the demand for aerospace engineering is skyrocketing. The best engineering courses in this area will offer you career choices, such as Aerospace Engineer, Aircraft or Spacecraft Designer and more. 

Popular universities 
  • Stanford University, United States
  • Imperial College of London, UK
  • The University of Adelaide, Australia
Environmental Engineering 

Have you often found yourself thinking about the environmental issues facing humanity? Then you can consider building a fulfilling career in Environmental Engineering to find innovative solutions such as waste management, pollution control mechanisms and more. The best engineering courses in this area will open career pathways such as Ecological Engineering, Groundwater Hydrology, Environmental Management and other fascinating domains.

Popular universities 
  • University of Alberta, Canada 
  • Technical University Munich, Germany
  • The University of Melbourne, Australia 
Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is all about creating a difference in the medical field by designing equipment, machines and devices used in health care. This course will officially introduce you to some recent innovations such as 3D printing and Microelectromechanical systems. It is one of the best engineering courses that can open career pathways such as Biomedical Engineer, Scientific Researcher Instrument Engineer and more. 

Popular universities
  • Brown University, the USA 
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • The Queen Mary University of London, the UK

So, these are some lucrative and promising engineering courses that can take your career to great heights. Studying abroad will allow you to develop the academic rigour necessary to be future-ready, but it can be expensive too. But don’t let this stop you from being an engineer who can change the future with innovative design and technology. 

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