Canada has emerged as an educational hub for students looking to pursue their post-graduate degrees. Universities here offer students amazing opportunities to learn and get experience from professionals from various industries. What’s more is that, once you complete your course, there are amazing job opportunities for you to choose from as well! These exciting prospects entice one to think about going to Canada, and the first step to this would be figuring out the application process of Canadian universities.

Here are the steps involved in the application process of Canadian universities:

Step 1: Eligibility criteria

Each university will have its own eligibility criteria that students need to make sure they qualify for before they start their application process. The general requirement for every Canadian university offering post-graduation courses is for the student to have completed graduation.

Some universities may even require two to three years of work experience too. So make sure you check the eligibility criteria of the universities you have shortlisted. The next point will cover the tests a student needs to give for studying in Canada.

Step 2: Language tests

Students need to give language tests in order to apply to Canadian universities. The most commonly accepted tests at Canadian universities are the following:

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)

The scores from these tests are accepted at most of the universities in Canada. Apart from this, tests like GRE and GMAT are also accepted in certain universities. Check which test scores are required and accepted by the universities that you want admission in, so you can then apply for those tests.

Step 3: Documents required

Pursuing further education in Canada requires a lot of planning since you have to take care of a lot of things before you take this step. Here are the basic documents that you should have:

Duly filled application form of the specific university
Graduation certificate
Letter of Intent
Bank statements

Step 4: Submitting your application

Once you have taken care of all the above points, you are ready to send your application through. A common query that most students have is whether they can send their application form without getting their language test results. The answer to this is yes! The students can send in their applications to Canadian universities even while they are awaiting their language test results.

What happens in these cases is that, the universities then provide such students with conditional offer letters. A conditional offer letter involves the university offering admission to the student, albeit the student must meet the terms and conditions of the university, albeit the student succeeds in meeting the requirements of the university.

Lastly, universities’ accept applications from January to April, and then from June to September. But each university has its own deadlines, so make sure to check with each one so that you do not miss out on any deadline.

Hope this article has helped you, all the best!


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