5 details to get the best letters of recommendation

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5 details to get the best letters of recommendation

While applying to international colleges, one must prove themselves as suitable candidates. To establish this, many colleges oblige students to present, along with the other documents, a statement of purpose and a letter of recommendation. Among those, the letter of recommendation plays a crucial role in framing the personality of the student. Therefore, it is important to receive the best recommendation possible and this article will tell you how to do this.


1. Finding the best referee

Planning ahead always plays in favour of the student. Build a good rapport with the faculty and other attendees (preferably in the junior year). Getting a recommendation letter from someone you have established a good relation with and have an easy flowing integration with helps best! Referee – the professional writing your recommendation letter- should know you personally so that they are able to recommend alongside academics, your extra-curricular and personality as well.


No, you cannot have your friend write your recommendation.

It is essential that the letter be written by a professional academic who is affiliated with your coursework. It is always better to avoid getting a letter of recommendation from those whom you have not worked with. Doing this may hinder the chances of getting a reference that fits your profile.


2. Show them what you got!


While participating in extra-curricular activities, there is usually a development in skill and performance. Asking a professor who has been a part of such events and/or programs could guide the recommendation in the direction that highlights your advancement. When the professor does feature your affiliations with working alongside the in charge, enhances your profile. Support your recommendations with a CV that highlights your progress.


3. Be that early bird


Professors are usually asked to write recommendations regardless of their busy schedules. Therefore, send the letter asking for the recommendation well ahead of the submission date. This will give the professor enough time to structure and mention your abilities and growth correctly and in detail. In some cases, colleges ask students to have them send the letter of recommendation directly from the professor instead of the student. While asking, remember to provide to your teacher all the needed details like, where/who to send the letter to, the deadline for submission and the course/study you have applied for. Give your professor timely reminders to send it in time and to be polite.


4. While looking for more than one recommendation


If you have pursued an internship and/or a job in between courses, you can ask and send in the recommendation letter from your previous employers as well. It is better to send these in when the college has asked for 2-3 recommendations. Showing developments during the academic interval will emphasis on perseverance.


5. Ask for a copy


In the final processes of receiving the recommendation letter, request the professor/ previous employer to send a copy of the letter of recommendation. This will help avoid any technical writing errors or problems in the structuring of the letter. Once you have access to the letter, you can review any needed change that could cause obstacles in the application process. In cases where the professional has to send in the letter directly to the college, ask for a copy. If in any case, the letter suggests against the application, one can manage this by finding other referees or request a rewritten copy of that recommendation. 


Getting shining recommendations will ensure you are seen as a gleaming & worthy applicant for the college. So make of all resources and ensure your letters of recommendation portray the value you bring to the table. Good luck and all the best with your further studies!

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