When applying to international colleges, one must prove themselves as a suitable candidate. To establish this, many colleges require students to present a statement of purpose and a letter of recommendation along with the other documents. The letter of recommendation is given by the faculty of your previous educational institution.

Therefore, it is important to receive the best recommendation possible, and this article will tell you how to do this.

1. Finding the best referee

Planning ahead will always play in your favor. Therefore, build a good rapport with the faculty members during your undergraduate journey. This will help you earn a well-deserved letter of recommendation. The referee, the professional writing your recommendation letter, should know you personally so that they can mention your extra-curricular activities and personality traits alongside your academics.

A common question – Can I have a friend write a letter of recommendation?

No, you cannot have your friend write your recommendation.

The letter must be written by an academic professional affiliated with your coursework. It is always better to avoid getting a letter of recommendation from those who you have not worked with, and doing this may hinder the chances of getting a reference that fits your profile.

2. Show them what you got!

When participating in extra-curricular activities, there is usually a development in skill and performance. Asking a professor who has been a part of such events could guide the recommendation in the direction that highlights your achievements. By adding your initiatives to a letter of recommendation, you will be able to mention your capabilities which will enhance your student profile when you apply for higher education.

3. Be that early bird

Professors are usually asked to write recommendations regardless of their busy schedules. Therefore, send the letter asking for the letter of recommendation well ahead of the submission date. This will give the professor enough time to structure and mention your abilities and growth correctly and in detail. Please remember to provide all the details such as who to send the letter to, the deadline for submission, the study program you are planning to apply and so on. Give your professor timely reminders to send it in time and be polite.

4. When you need more than one recommendation

If you have pursued an internship and/or a job in between courses, you can ask your previous employers for a letter of recommendation. It is better to share this LOR when the university has asked for 2-3 recommendations. Showing developments during the academic interval will highlight your perseverance. This is extremely important for Business Management students as work experience will allow them to stand out.

5. Ask for a copy

In the final process of receiving the letter of recommendation, request the professor/previous employer to share the draft with you. This will help avoid any technical writing errors or problems in the structuring of the letter. Once you have access to the letter of recommendation, you can review any needed change that could cause obstacles in the application process. If you think you can enhance your letter by adding achievements, additional online courses, and extra-curricular activities that your professor has missed, you can add them to the final letter of recommendation.

Getting exceptional recommendations will ensure you are seen as a gleaming & worthy applicant for the college. So, ensure your letter of recommendation captures your strengths and capabilities.

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