5 Faults You Should Always Avoid During A Group Discussion

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March 31, 2021
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August 28, 2014
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Group discussion has become an important aspect of evaluating potential MBA aspirants. If you have plans to take an education loan and do your MBA, it is important to create the right impression during this round as it determines whether you get selected for the next round. To help you clear this step successfully, we take you through 5 things you should avoid during a group discussion.

1. Allowing emotions to take over 

It is vital that you remain level-headed and take a practical approach during a group discussion. Avoid getting angry, emotional or sarcastic during the discussion. Ensure that you do not take any counter-arguments personally, even if they have been intended that way. Your evaluation is based not simply on what you contribute to the discourse but also on how it is done. Visualizing your future goals may help you be calm and steady. Think of how well your application for the study loan will look when you have cleared all your rounds successfully!

2. Prioritising quantity over quality 

It is not necessary that you should be the one that has the greatest number of points to make. When in a group discussion, prioritise quantity over quality. Make sure that each point you make is meaningful, relevant and contributes to the discussion in a positive manner. Remember, if you succeed in this round and get selected at a top university, it will boost your study loan eligibility to a great extent.

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3. Being overconfident or under-confident 

It is quite normal to feel nervous about participating in a group discussion that will decide the course of your future. If the discussion goes well and you clear the round, you can finally apply for that student loan and study your dream course.  Therefore, it is important that you come to the table with the right amount of confidence. Too much confidence could lead to you being unprepared for the discussion while the lack of it can lead to you not being able to contribute meaningfully. A helpful tip is to think of the other candidates as equal to you. This helps you be humble during the discussion as well as instigates the right kind of competition.

4. Cram too many statistics in your points 

Points that are backed by statistics are usually credible than others. But if you add too many statistics during your arguments then you may end up making yourself illegible for others. There is a fine balance between providing statistics-backed information and blurting out numbers after numbers. Make sure to avoid the latter to create the right impression.

5. Ignoring your body language 

Pointing fingers, thumping the table, and sitting/standing in a poor posture must be avoided at all costs. When making your points, do it in a pleasant, non-combative manner. Along with focusing on the points you are making verbally, direct your attention to the body language you use as well.

Remember, these points are helpful in many scenarios. Besides furthering your plans for a study loan, they can also help you in your future professional journey.

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