The UK is the dream study abroad destination for many students as it is a popular academic hub. The impeccable UK education system and the multiple job opportunities attract study abroad students to this magical land. Students plan their UK study visa application well in advance to ensure a smooth admission process. But what if your visa application gets stuck? So, let’s understand how Super Priority Visa will help you avoid such a scenario.

The UK student visa - delays and reasons

As the world is back to normal and embracing the post-pandemic conditions, the UK experienced a sudden spike in visa applications. Therefore, the delay in the UK student visa application and delivery created a roadblock for students who aspire to study in the UK. In order to enable a seamless experience for the students, the UK authorities resolved to utilise the resources to eliminate this issue by introducing Super Priority Visa.

What is Super Priority Visa?

It is a service that provides student visa decisions quickly. So, if you want to opt for a lightning fast UK study visa application, you can opt for Priority Visa or Super Priority Visa. Let’s understand the difference between the two:  

Priority Visa: You will get the decision within 5 days.

Super Priority Visa: You can expect the decision by the end of the next working day.

·         Note: Ideally, the UK student visa process takes anywhere between 15-21 days or more, depending on prevailing visa conditions. 

What are Super Priority Visa UK fees

Priority Visa: £500 or ~INR 46,000

Super Priority Visa: £800 or ~INR 74,000

Tips to ensure successful Super Priority Visa application

·         Ensure you have all the requisite documents, such as:

o    Acceptance letter

o    Health certificates

o    Proof of funds

o    Academic transcripts

·         Read the requirement for the UK student visa on the official website before applying.

·         Pay the prescribed UK student visa fees.

Exceptional cases when you will have to wait longer

·         If you apply for a UK student visa with insufficient documentation.

·         If your visa application was rejected earlier.

·         If you express your unwillingness to return to your home country after finishing your higher education in the UK.

Why do students want to study in the UK?

Academic hub

The UK is home to some of the globally recognised and well-ranked universities. You can select from ~150 higher educational institutions in the UK. The rigorous study programs intend to prepare the students to be future-ready.

Some popular universities

·         University of Oxford

·         University of Cambridge

·         Imperial College London

·         University College London (UCL)

Employment opportunities

There are plenty of part-time jobs in the UK for international students. Working while studying is a great option to earn extra bucks to support your lifestyle. You are allowed to work for 20 hours per week while studying in the UK. You can also explore promising job opportunities in the UK post completion of your course.

Graduate route

Post study work visa, also known as Graduate Route, has taken the study abroad students by storm. If you apply for this route, you are allowed to stay in the UK for 2 years if you are graduate and 3 years if you have completed your PhD to work or explore job opportunities. The duration of your course in order to be eligible to apply for this course should be at least 12 months.

Worried about the costs?

Studying abroad can be expensive, so you can opt for an education loan to study in the UKA student loan is a great way to finance your higher education. It has multiple benefits, such as it helps you finance your higher studies independently. Also, you can build a healthy credit score once you repay your student loan.

At Avanse Financial Services, we believe that no deserving student should miss an opportunity to access quality education due to the lack of financing, irrespective of their social strata or co-borrower’s financial background. Therefore, we have designed hyper-personalised education loans to meet your unique financial requirements.

Avanse student loans that cover the holistic cost of education, including:

·         Tuition fees

·         Accommodation costs

·         Living expenses

·         Study material costs

·         Travelling expenses and other education-related expenses

So, now that you know how Super Priority Visa will help you achieve your dream of studying in the UK, you can begin the application process. If lack of finances troubles you, you can opt for an education loan to study in the UK. If you have any queries, please feel free to connect with us.


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