Land of opportunities

The USA is one of the most culturally diverse countries with a booming economy and home to the technological hotspot “Silicon Valley”. Did you know that according to the Open Doors Report, fall 2021, most US universities have witnessed a 68% increase in study abroad students? Being a culturally vibrant and sensitive country, it accommodates everyone who arrives there to fulfil the American dream. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons to study in the US.

1. Highly ranked universities and global reputation

The USA is an educational hub with ~5,500 educational institutions, and it houses 50% of the highly ranked universities. Earning a degree from the prestigious institutes in the USA will give you a competitive edge over other students. Hence many study abroad students apply for an education loan and try to get into one of these legendary universities. The courses from universities are highly recognized globally and allow easy transition from academics to a professional career.

2. Known as a research hub

The land of opportunities is also a land of research and development (R&D). You will be amazed to know that the USA spends ~2.7% of its GDP on R&D. This aspect seeps into their universities, too, as they are known to encourage students by providing infrastructure that fosters research and innovations. This research-centric approach gives adequate exposure to study abroad students, which prepares them for a professional career.

3.Updated and flexible curriculum

Students can choose from several courses and admissions cycles, and this attracts study abroad students from all over the world because the universities accept new admissions thrice a year. In the US, Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctorate is for 2 years, 4 years, 1-3 years, and 4-6 years, respectively.

The US varsities have an excellent and up-to-date curriculum. You are even allowed the liberty to switch between the courses until you select your major subject. You also have an option to pursue a Double Major in two subjects of your choice.

4. Culturally diverse community and sensitive towards immigrants

The US can be rightly called a melting pot of cultures. If you study abroad in the USA, you will feel welcomed as US citizens are culturally inclusive and warm towards people from different cultural backgrounds. Most US citizens follow political correctness and avoid passing rude comments about other people’s views.

5. Campus life

Since the USA is an educational hub, students from all over the world flock there to pursue higher studies. As a study abroad student, you will get an opportunity to network with a vibrant student community and make life-long connections, some of which can help you immensely in your professional journey too.

6. Supportive towards the international students

As an international student, you are guided every step of the way through special orientation programs that overlook your transition. The US universities have support systems for study abroad students that guide them through academics, environment, campus life, and more.

7. Career opportunities

A plethora of opportunities is made available to you by the education system in the US to begin your professional career. You can participate in job fairs and get introduced to a multitude of job opportunities available to you at the start of your career.

Did you know that you can enroll for internships by applying for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during your higher studies? This will unlock the option to get easy access to internships and co-op programs, and the latter allows you to work even as you study. With such great career prospects, you can easily pay off your study abroad loan and become financially stable.

8. Technological hotspot

America is a global hub for the most innovative technology and home to Silicon Valley that features whopping 2000+ tech companies. This technological advancement is reflected in their education system, which gives you easy access to the most advanced technology during your academic journey. Besides, as a study abroad student, you stand a great chance to enter the tech world after finishing your studies.

9. Exceptional learning experience

State-of-art infrastructure, sprawling libraries, flexi-learning model, research and development activities, work-and-learn facilities, resourceful student communities, recreational activities, etc., are some of the many perks of studying in the US. This learning experience fosters a positive learning environment for study abroad students.

10. Be the apple of prospective employer’s eye

You stand an exceptional chance to fetch lucrative jobs with some of the premier employers, not just on your home turf but across the globe. The effective US education system gives you a competitive advantage over most students with the same credentials. You will be empowered through academic knowledge, hands-on experience, extra-curricular activities, and student clubs, making you one of the most desirable candidates.

So, from academic excellence to an easy transition to your professional journey, studying in the US is a complete package deal. The US is the perfect study abroad destination to set a foundation for fulfilling your academic dreams. You can focus on your academic aspirations by opting for an educational loan for abroad studies. Please feel free to reach out to us for any query or assistance. We will be happy to assist. All the best!

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