Did you know that Data Science is one of the most in-demand professions of 2022? The growing demand for Data Scientists and less availability of skilled resources worldwide make it an attractive career choice for students. So, let’s understand how Data Science can kick-start your career, the top career avenues available in Data Science and educational requirements.

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  • How Data Science can boost your career?
  • Data Science opportunities - career avenues

1.       Data Scientist

ü  Data Scientist skills

2.       Data Architect

ü  Skills required

3.       Data Analyst

ü  Skills required to become a data analyst

4.       Data Engineer

ü  Skills required

5.       Business Analyst

ü  Skills required

  • What to study to become a Data Science professional?

How Data Science can boost your career?

In India, Data Science jobs witnessed 73.5% growth between March 2020 and April 2022. Additionally, it is expected that over 11 million jobs will open globally in this domain by 2026. In the IT industry, Data Science is the second highest-paid profession after Full Stack Developers. Thus, multiple job opportunities in notable data-driven companies such as Walmart, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon, offering lucrative salary packages and rewarding career growth, make Data Science a good career choice.


Data Science opportunities – career avenues

As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the number of jobs that require Data Science skills is expected to grow by 27.6% by 2026. It is one career domain that offers lucrative opportunities in industries like Information Technology, Finance, Telecommunication, Retail, and Healthcare, to name a few. The top 5 job roles ensuring career growth and success are:


Data Scientist

The primary responsibilities of Data Scientists are maintaining large databases, extracting valuable information from data by using various computer programming tools and processes, and offering actionable business insights. 


  • Data Scientist skills required: The technical skills include Statistics Analysis, Machine and Deep Learning, Mathematics, programming skills, processing large data sets, etc.


Data Architect

A Data Architect is responsible for designing, developing, organising and centralising the data management system of the company considering external and internal regulations. Data Architects work closely with Data Administrators and Engineers.


  • Skills required: Proficiency in languages like Java, Python and SQL, knowledge of data mining and management, data modelling and machine learning.


Data Analyst

Data Analysts work with structured data, clean and study it, identify trends and create reports for solving complex business problems.  


  • Skills required to become Data Analyst: Knowledge of data visualisation tools like Excel and Tableau, programming languages (Python, R, SAS), Statistics and Mathematics.


Data Engineer

Data Engineers prepare as well as manage a large volume of data, create data pipelines and infrastructure, and make data accessible to other teams for further analysis and optimising business performances.


  • Skills required: Knowledge of programming languages Python and Java, frameworks like Apache Hadoop, and understanding of advanced SQL and NoSQL databases.


Business Analyst

A Business Analyst analyses the collected data, pinpoints issues, and makes recommendations that help in improving business processes and systems.


  • Skills required: Advanced knowledge of SQL, Excel, data and financial analysis, financial modelling and data visualisation.


Other job roles such as Machine Learning Engineer, Research Analyst, Data Statistician, and Database Administrator are equally in demand. Kindly remember that besides technical skills, skills like communication, critical thinking and business acumen are also necessary to excel in job roles.


What to study to become a Data Science professional?

Anyone with academic knowledge of Statistics, Mathematics and Computers is eligible to make a successful career in Data Science. If you are from a non-technical background, pursuing a full-time certification course in Data Science after graduation will help in achieving your academic goal. 

In case you have completed graduation in Data Science, pursuing courses like a PG diploma in Data Science from reputed universities to gain advanced knowledge is a wise decision. Some of the most popular universities offering Data Science courses are:

  • Harvard University, Cambridge
  • Stanford University, USA
  • Loyola College, India
  • Yale University, USA
  • University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Christ University, India
  • IIT Indore, India
  • University of Greenwich, UK
  • International School of Management, Germany
  • RMIT University, Australia



Q.1. What is Data Science?

Ans. Data Science is the study of a large volume of data by using different techniques, tools and technologies for analysing and extracting meaningful insights for businesses.


Q.2. Is Data Analysis and Data Science the same?

Ans. Data Analysis and Data Science both involve using a large volume of data for business insights but using different techniques, skills and tools.


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