Valuable Self-care Tips for Students Studying Online in the New Normal World

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Breathe! Restore and Renew your Power

The educational space has integrated the latest development of online learning programs like e-learning, hybrid learning, or blended learning owing to many factors like the pandemic crisis, rising demand for up-skilling, re-skilling programs and more. But this new way of learning has led to an increased level of anxiety among students like you. So, if you are stressed with having to constantly balance between studies, laptop, faculty, never-ending chain of discussions, and your friends & family then this article is for you. Let’s take a look at some invaluable tips to help you effectively manage all the aspects of your life while effectively managing your online program.

1. One two cha chacha

Did you know that according to Mayo Clinic, any form of physical activity plays a pivotal role in reducing stress to a great extent? Work-out releases the endorphin hormone that elevates your mood and makes you feel happy. Other than your mental health, regular exercises have a positive impact on your digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems too. So what are you waiting for? Pick up any activity- Dancing, Stationary Jogging, Yoga, Zumba, Tabata, Aerobics, or HIIT workouts and let the stress out.

2. You are what you eat

The significance of eating healthy food cannot be stressed enough. Don’t believe us? Hear it from WHO. According to WHO, healthy food can boost your immunity and help fight infections and also shield you from other health concerns like Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. So, please make time from your busy schedule and have regular meals comprising of healthy food items.

3. Don’t let the bed bugs bite

Caught between sleep and study schedule, you will often find yourself playing a tug of war between the two. But research in this area highly recommends 7+ hours of sleep for adults and 8 to 10 hours of sleep for teenagers. Sound sleep will help with cognition skills, behavioural control, and increased focus, all of which are essential in your academic life.

4. Disconnect the world and connect with yourself

During the online classes it is natural to feel overwhelmed with the exhausting screen-time, so put all the devices away and connect with yourself and enjoy your ‘me-time’. Put that monkey mind at rest with mindful meditation or breathing exercises or soulful music of your choice or anything that relaxes you.

5. Organize-Place for Everything and Everything in place

Preparing a schedule will help you organize your day in advance that you can follow like a ritual. Plan your online learning schedule and take away all the unnecessary clutter. Planning short-term and long-term goals will motivate you to chase the deadlines and help you stay on track. Did you know that research carried out by American Psychological Association suggests that multi-tasking is responsible to bring down your overall productivity by 40%? Focusing on one task at a time will lead to razor-sharp attention aligning all your mental abilities like creativity, problem-solving skills, memory and other cognitive abilities helping you deliver your best, consistently.

6. Valuable Connections

It is natural for you to feel pressurized due to online programs with longer screen-time, chaotic discussions between faculty and students via video calls, text messages and most importantly the long hours of studies. This is when your connection with your kith and kin will help you feel grounded. Feel free to fall back on your student community and also on your mentors that can give you much-needed support during your academic journey.

Online learning has opened up a whole new dimension for students chasing their academic dreams, especially during pandemic times. But balancing your studies with your overall well-being will help you get the most out of your online learning program. We hope these tips help you stay on top of your game and contribute positively to your quest for success. Feel free to talk to our expert team at Avanse if you plan to start the online learning programs afresh. We are with you and are always available for you throughout your academic journey.

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