US the new buzzing destination for young Indian Under -Graduates

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September 29, 2014
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August 28, 2014
US the new buzzing destination for young Indian Under -Graduates

“If I cannot make it to one of the Indian Universities, I can surely make it to one of the top US University”.

The above quote in the present context stands as a watch word for all young and dynamic generations in India. Neck to neck competition and the urge to pursue for Quality education is ingrained in the minds of young students these days. Perhaps this is the key reason for which a large increase in the trend of pursuing undergraduate degree in the US and UK is witnessed in the last five- ten years.

A quick look at some key reasons that contribute to the rising trend of Undergraduate study in the US.

The stringent cut-offs practiced in the Indian A- grade Universities is what leaves many to seek an admission in the US colleges and even though the expenditure of studying in India and studying in US has no comparisons (abroad study involves a lot of money), yet students prefer to opt for foreign education.

Along with high cut- off marks, the other extremely rigid practice that is followed in the admission process is the reservation policy that divides the entire admission circle taking out a large chunk of seats for the not so privileged section of the society. This further becomes an eyesore for the students belonging to the general category to compete and make it to the A-grade colleges of India.

In fact , the craze and euphoria for Overseas education has gone up to such an extent that, students are willing to even give a break of one year, to get qualified in one of the US university of their choice. This fact is visible in various studies conducted to figure out the trend in the admission procedures of students.In a very recent report on ‘Indian students applying for Visa for US Study’ conducted by DNA, the report speaks that, while 90,000 students went to the US in 2012-2013, the figure further went up to 1,13,000 in 2013-2014, a jump of 26%.

As per “ The Economic Times” report, it is seen that in the past five years nearly two-third of every class from good schools in Delhi are going in for overseas admissions”. In the same respect, in another study that was conducted by the research scholars of India’s top B-school- the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore, the statistics showed the margin of abroad study rose from 256%- from 53,266 to 189,629 highlighting clearly a steep rise in nine years (2000-2009).

Another very important reason for this rise in US study is because of easy immigration System in US.Student’s visa application has risen 20% in the past year, according to American Embassy. Indian students have flooded in almost all reputed US University and thereby occupying the ‘second- largest foreign student population in America’.

It has been observed that in the past two to three years, none of the Indian University could figure themselves in the chart of world top 200 Universities. Hence this surely reflects the static growth level of the top Indian Universities who are unable to upgrade their academic and infrastructure requirements to qualify in the set criterion for world top 200 Universities evaluation.

Reasons may surely be many but the fact remains that for US colleges, Indian Undergrads students are a sure candidate that they expect each year because for all Indian Students the motive these days is ‘no compromise with Quality education’.

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