On-campus + digital learning= Hybrid learning

So what is Hybrid Learning and how you should embrace it? A hybrid learning program or blended learning is a perfect amalgamation of in-person and online learning. While the education sector had readily accepted the innovative ways to deliver exceptional learning experience through Ed-tech companies, a major shift was witnessed amidst the pandemic. Did you know that a recent survey of universities suggests that 53% of the students are willing to accept hybrid learning because of flexibility and several other perks? Let’s take a look at why blended learning is the talk of the town and how to use it to your advantage.

Hybrid learning is at par with On-campus learning

Hybrid learning adopts a collaborative approach toward learning so it leaves no room for monotonous and boring studies. The hybrid learning will be super interactive with ensuing discussions, practical work, face-to-face feedback letting you socialize and reach out to your faculty and peers to keep the momentum going. Besides, this format is open to both international students and working professionals. So, you can still chase those study abroad dreams by beginning with remote learning and then switching to on-campus studies.

Benefits of Hybrid Learning- A win-win game
1. Wider scope:

You will experience greater flexibility in this format than traditional classroom learning. During this time, blended learning offers you the flexibility, to begin with online courses and then study abroad as the situation changes, without you having to put your study abroad plans on hold. Also, you can refer to all classwork online which is well-organized and structured.

2. Ahem Ahem, Absenteeism!

For any reason, if you are unable to attend the lectures in person, remote learning is the way out. Many courses in this program are recorded that you can stream later and still not miss out on anything.

3. Continuity and feedback

The blended approach includes timely intervention and regular feedback by the supervisors to ensure quality education. The communication flows both ways through video calls, emails, chats that bring all the students on the same page. Regular on-campus learning gives the opportunity to clear doubts and seek advice.

Myth: Distance learning or correspondence course is just as same as hybrid or blended learning.

Truth: Hybrid learning is not a distance learning or correspondence course. In fact, hybrid learning blends on-campus and digital learning together. It is the best of both worlds!

Myth: Faculty plays no active role, just log in to the digital programs and learn by yourself.

Truth: Faculty plays an active role in hybrid learning. Faculty will not just overlook the session but impart enriching knowledge through their years of experience.

The Not-to-do list:

1. Do not lose focus: With online studies, you might become prone to skipping lectures and modules which can cost you heavily. Remaining agile during both online on on-campus learning is the way forward.

2. Do not compromise on technology: This setting requires sophisticated technology like laptops, gadgets, and more to ensure the highest quality of learning experience. We at Avanse, cover all the costs including the cost of equipment and other important study material. So, we got it covered for you so that you can stay focused on your academic journey.

3. Do not lose track: You might feel overwhelmed with multiple discussion threads both online and offline with several faculty and peers and also with plenty of study materials comprising different subjects. But don’t let this stress you out. Our advice is that you organize the material and note down the latest discussion. With time, keeping a track of the latest updates will come naturally to you.

So, blended learning is a new-age learning experience that has many perks, right from flexible learning to never having to miss out on important modules ever. It is a perfect amalgamation of both remote learning and in-person sessions which leads to an incredible learning experience. Hybrid is indeed a realistic and holistic approach that ensures knowledge retention, encourages you to think critically and independently leading to a fantastic academic experience.

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