Canadian universities are known to be amongst the best in the world. The Canadian Government also has numerous systems in place that makes it easy for Indian students to gain entry into the country and secure an admission in the university of their choice. This makes Canada one of the most sought after countries for students pursuing a courses especially, in mechanical engineering. . If a lack of finances is keeping you from pursuing Mechanical Engineering, you can opt for a study loan for abroad courses.

Interestingly, numerous universities in Canada offer such Mechanical Engineering programs, and each one of them has different benefits, admission criteria & features. To help you choose the right course for your needs, we have put together a detailed description of the Top Ten Canadian Universities for mechanical engineering:

University of Toronto:
Included in the Best 100 Universities of the World, this is one of the top choices for students pursuing mechanical engineering. The University of Toronto has a ‘Bachelor of Applied Science’ program through which students will learn about engineering principles used in the manufacturing of different machines such as automobiles, medical devices, etc. At the end of the second year, students can choose from several specializations such as – mechatronics, manufacturing, solid mechanics, energy and environment, bioengineering, etc.

McGill University:
This is another university that holds a reputed position among the renowned universities in the world. It is known to provide hands-on and practical knowledge to its students. Besides providing internships at top firms, students can also become members of the Robotics, Formula SAE or Rocket Team clubs as part of their extra-curricular activities. The university is also one of the few colleges in Canada that offer concentrated programs in design and aeronautics.

University of British Columbia:
The University of British Columbia is a superb choice. In this University with limited seats, securing a seat is possible by achieving exceptional grades and an incredible profile. One of the unique features of the University is its customizable course in mechanical engineering known as ‘Mech 2’. Here students have the liberty to choose 4 to 5 subjects as opposed to 6 or 7 subjects that other courses usually have.

University of Alberta:
The University is viewed as one having the largest mechanical department in the country. It offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in various research programs and also the Formula SAE Team. At the end of the 4-year course, students can participate in an 18 month-long paid term internship.

McMaster University:
This University is known for its top-class teaching faculty. To enrol in this university, students have to score at least 87% in their core subjects. Once you get admission, you can choose from the 4-year program or a co-op program in which students can take a gap between two semesters and continue their internship for a longer period.

University of Waterloo:
The University is also a public research centre and offers programs such as Foundation in Mechanical Design, Mechanics, Manufacturing, Power and Control, etc. For eligibility, the University only considers the marks you’ve secured in Physics and Chemistry in grade 12, which makes it easier to get admission. This university offers you a 4-year program or co-op program which will help students earn on the side while pursuing their education.

University of Western Ontario:
Programs at this university begin with a single year of general engineering followed by 3 years of an in-depth curriculum. For the final year, students are offered specialization choices such as fluid and thermal systems, manufacturing, robotics, and production management, and others.

University of Calgary:
The University of Calgary is a public research university situated in the western Canadian city of Calgary in the Alberta province. The university’s mechanical engineering program is part of the larger Schulich School of Engineering. Therefore, those interested in studying mechanical engineering at the University of Calgary must take admission for the common first-year program at the Schulich School of Engineering. This course consists of foundational courses such as computing, engineering principles, applied physics, mathematics, etc.

Queen’s University at Kingston:
This University provides a foundation of mechanical engineering to students in the first year. From the 2nd year onwards, students get exposure to practical knowledge with the help of the machine centre which is very well equipped with CAD and CNC machines.

Dalhousie University:
This University follows the same pattern for mechanical engineering as the other universities mentioned in this article; first year will study general engineering followed by the chosen course from the second year. It also offers a complete 4- year program or co-op course. These are some of the top choices for studying mechanical engineering in Canada. We hope this has been helpful, good luck and all the best!

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