Australia is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for students who are looking to get a degree overseas. Many international students are opting to study in Australia for its high-quality education, easy access to student support services, multicultural society and friendly atmosphere. Students passing out of Australian universities are highly sought after due to the high reputation of the education system. With more than 1,100 institutions and over 22,000 courses, this country offers a diverse range of study options for international students.

This country offers a great learning experience and international recognition with acclaimed teaching standards. The weather here is extremely pleasant all year round. You will be able to enjoy exciting wildlife, pristine white beaches, deep and azure oceans during your holiday period.

If you are excited already, let’s take a look at the top cities known for higher education.


Adelaide has some of the world’s top universities and colleges. The three public universities are Flinders University, The University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia. Adelaide is also home to a campus of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and Torrens University, a private Australian institution. There are also various specialist institutes which offer education across sectors such as business, technology, hospitality and many more. It is an ideal place for students planning to study in Australia given the low costs for accommodation.


Brisbane universities offer high-quality learning environments. This city is backed by the State Government in providing services and facilities that make this place an easy place for study. Some of the universities in Brisbane are – Australian Catholic University, CQ University, Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland and many more.


The capital of Australia, Canberra provides a quality environment for students across the world. Some of the best universities of this city are Australian National University, the University of Canberra, Canberra Institute of Technology, and campuses of the Australian Catholic University and Charles Sturt University. Crime rate in this city is lowest, hence, it is considered to be a safe place for students and residents.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is one of Australia’s fastest-growing large cities. Some of the top universities in this city are Bond University, Griffith University and South Cross University. This city also has a lot of vocational educational institutes and colleges such as Air Gold Coast, Airways Aviation Education, Barrington College, Envirotech Education and many more. Such institutes focus on delivering competency based training that gives students a competitive edge.


Melbourne is the coastal capital of the south-eastern Australian state of Victoria. Some of the top universities of Melbourne are University of Melbourne, Monash University, La Trobe University, RMIT University, Victoria University to name a few. It offers a metropolitan lifestyle along with fantastic views of the amazing ocean and a taste of the luxuries of civilization.


This city is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations for international students. Some of the universities in this city are University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, University of Technology Sydney, Western Sydney University and many more. This place is known for its mild and warm climate and temperature in winter is rarely below 5 degrees.

If you want to know more about the top universities of Australia, you can refer to Top Universities in Australia and if you are curious about the higher education system of Australia, please click here. Please feel free to reach out to us for any query or assistance. All the best!

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