Upskilling holds the key to the future job market

Last year COVID-19 disrupted the job market, and fear of job loss brought upskilling programs into the limelight. Whether you study in India or study abroad, upskilling courses are essential for your overall development. Besides, working professionals opt for upskilling courses to gain a competitive edge. So, here are the top 5 ways to upskill:

1. Align your skills with emerging market

Did you know that 60% of employers prefer candidates who are well-equipped with the latest skillsets? Whereas 94% of employers expect their existing talent pool to upskill to gain a leading edge. Several mainstream Ed-tech platforms have introduced online learning programmes that impart the latest skills related to the emerging job market. Selecting coursework aligned to the emerging market will make you job-ready and give you a competitive advantage. 

2. Enhance your academic path

Opting for upskilling courses that are related to your coursework will be super helpful. So, when you upskill, select a program that is in perfect sync with your previous academic domain and your future career plan. For instance, if you have finished your IT graduation but cybersecurity interests you, choose an upskilling programme in cybersecurity. Upskilling courses hold the key to open a new gamut for you that will aid in staying ahead in the dynamic business world.

3. Learn from community 

Networking is essential for both personal and professional development. Upskill by networking with the student community as it will bring profound insights into your subjects and coursework to enhance your learning experience. Building a rapport with the faculty can earn you life-long gurus too. Working professionals can follow their mentors as it is a great way to learn from their challenges and experiences.

4. Want to influence the world?

Work on your soft skills to leave a lasting impression on people around you. Learning soft skills like effective communication, leadership qualities, teamwork and time management are essential for overall development. Want to ace that presentation at your esteemed university or at your workplace? A public speaking course will be excellent. These skills will allow you to connect with others, have meaningful conversations with the team and build your network. So, next time you want to upskill, opt to learn soft skills that will develop your personality. 

5. Applied knowledge is power

There are several online and offline courses available to upskill and reskill. However, the best way to unlock your true potential is by gaining hands-on experience. The internship will give you an incredible opportunity to apply your academic knowledge. Work experience will bring great insights related to your chosen domain. Secondly, there are several learning apps that integrate microlearning. You can consume the bite-sized content from these apps and also take a mock test to track your progress.

So, these are the best ways to upskill to stay competent. Whether you to upskill or reskill, we at Avanse Financial Services will always support you financially. We offer education loans for several courses to empower you. If you want more information, all you have to do is connect with us. All the best!

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