Top 5 Unconventional and Promising Study Abroad Destinations

Students prefer studying abroad as it offers them a perfect opportunity to develop a global outlook. This enables them to stand out with shining credentials, build an incredible network, learn about new cultures and above all, be future-ready. 

While countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany continue to be the most preferred study abroad destinations, some up-and-coming destinations are creating a buzz among international students. Let’s take a quick look:

1. Ireland

According to the recent study conducted by Western Union, one out of every 5 students picks study abroad destinations like IrelandTurkey and Spain. Ireland is home to some leading businesses like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and other successful companies. Besides, Ireland’s education system has the top 3% of well-ranked universities that offer a plethora of courses such as Business Management, IT, Engineering and other interesting study programs. 

2. The Netherlands 

Did you know that the Netherland witnessed a 4% increase in international student enrolment this year from the previous year? It is an economic powerhouse with companies like Unilever, Heineken, Royal Dutch Shell and other popular businesses. Dutch, German, and English languages are widely spoken, but universities offer English-taught study programs. Dutch varsities offer several courses like Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and other fascinating domains.

If you plan to study abroad in the Netherlands, you have to consider expenses like tuition fees, accommodation costs, airfare, equipment costs, living expenses and other education-related expenses. Since these expenses are covered by a study abroad loan, you can focus on your studies instead of worrying about finances by opting for an education loan.  

3. Italy 

Italy is famous for its impeccable education system and globally-recognized universities. What appeals to the study abroad students is safety. It ranks 23rd on the Social Progress Index, 2021, for its low crime rates, stable political environment and other essential factors.

Its strategic location and connectivity will allow you to travel across European and non-European regions easily. Italian educational institutions offer study programs in the English language too. Several courses are available in Italy like International Relations, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Architecture and other interesting study programs.

4. Spain

The Spanish varsities offer the right blend of theory-based and practical-based learning to ensure that students can easily transition to their profession. Also, the education system is highly regulated to maintain quality education across the country. Did you know that Spanish Universities ranked high for international students’ satisfaction rates? 

If you are a sports enthusiast, you have one more reason to study in Spain, famous for football clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. 

5. Switzerland 

Did you know that Switzerland ranks 10th for safety as per the Global Peace Index, 2021? We understand your confusion, but Switzerland is not just a tourist-attracting country but also an emerging study abroad destination. It is also a melting pot of several cultures popular for being culturally sensitive, warm and welcoming. 

So, these are some unconventional and promising study abroad destinations. We hope this helps you plan your academic journey. If finances bother you, an education loan for study abroad would be the best choice. If you have any queries, please share them with us. We will be happy to assist youAll the best!


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