As many as 1.2 million Indian students are studying abroad, out of which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the maximum number of Indian students. UAE government has taken great initiatives to make it a popular destination among study abroad students. Its student-friendly visa policies, part-time opportunities, international branch campuses and other exciting reasons attract students from all over the world. Let’s discover the top 5 reasons to study in the UAE.

1. Excellent education system

The UAE is an education hub of several types of universities like public universities, branch campuses, private universities and other educational institutions. The accreditation system ensures uniformity in the education system. The accrediting bodies like the UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education enable quality education. Since UAE is an economic powerhouse and home to some of the best universities, English is a widely spoken language in UAE. If you study in the UAE, you can benefit from English-taught study programs available in most universities in the UAE.

Studying abroad in the UAE can be expensive, but an education loan for abroad studies would help bridge the gap between you and your dream destination.

2. Work opportunities

Study programs of Dubai’s universities hold great recognition in the world market. Many Indian students choose to study in the UAE because their parents work in the UAE. Did you know that you have an opportunity to select from ~4500 job opportunities while you work in Dubai? Since it is a financial powerhouse, famous for its lucrative oil industry, it will open doors to some of the well-paying jobs for you.

3. Scope for Research

Are you interested in participating in the research and innovations that change the lives around us? UAE would be a perfect study abroad destination as UAE has made some significant breakthroughs in the areas such as health, renewable energy and smart construction and sustainability. Several universities are actively involved in the research activities related to logistics solutions and driverless transport too.

If you study in the UAE, you can explore innovative technology through Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers based in several universities. Also, to promote innovative technology, UAE has assigned various free trade zones, which are perfect for gaining industrial experience. These free zones are buzzing with opportunities for students looking for internships and work placements.

4. Safety

Did you know that UAE is the second safest country in the world? According to the data published in 2021 by Global Finance, UAE is the 2nd safest country out of 134 countries. Peace, personal security and natural disaster are some of the parameters used in the research. As a study abroad student, safety will play a vital role in your academic journey. But if you choose to study in the UAE, you don’t have to worry as you can experience a safe and sound learning environment.

5. Golden opportunity

The UAE offers Golden Visa for outstanding students. Under this scheme, you and your family will be allowed to live in the UAE for 5 or 10 years. This will enable you to explore career opportunities after completing your studies and build a successful career in thriving sectors like energy, construction, finance and more.

So, these are some amazing reasons that attract study abroad students from all over the world to the UAE. If you want to study in the UAE but are worried about the finances, you can opt for an education loan for abroad studies to turn your dreams into reality.

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