What are International branch campuses?

These are also known as university branch campuses which have a parent university and satellite university based in different locations. For instance, a university in the US may have its branch campus located in Singapore. So, it is a win-win situation if Singapore is your preferred study abroad destination, but you want to opt for courses accredited by US universities.

So, university branch campuses are those that have their physical branch in the country other than the primary location. Secondly, these university branch campuses should offer degrees with primary university’s credentials.

University branch campuses are gaining popularity among study abroad students because they come with multiple benefits. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why international branch campuses are popular.

1. Affordability

The US, the UK, Canada, Australia are some of the dream destinations of many study abroad students but can be expensive too. However, the study programs from well-ranking universities will have a great bearing on your academic journey and professional career too. In this case, international branch campuses offer you the best of both worlds.

Although the overall cost may reduce if you choose to study in university branch campuses, you must consider other costs like tuition fees, accommodation costs, and equipment costs in the international branch campuses. Don’t let this small gap between your academic aspiration and university branch campuses keep you from achieving your academic goals. Opting for an education loan will allow you access to quality education.

2. Recognized varsities from popular study abroad destinations have international branch campuses

The US has the most number of university branch campuses in other locations, followed by the UAE, French, the UK, and Australian universities.

Some of the popular international branch campuses are:

  • The Monash University of Australia, with a university branch campus in Malaysia
  • University of Nottingham of the UK with a branch campus in China
  • Paris Sorbonne University of France with a university branch campus in Abu Dhabi
  • The Cornell University of the USA with a branch campus in Qatar

These popular universities offer a high standard of education with their credentials, making them some of the most sought-after international branch campuses.

3. Research hubs

Most university branch campuses are rich in research and development, further attracting more students who are exclusively looking for research-oriented universities. Also, these branch campuses benefit from local research funding, which may not be available to the primary universities on the home turf. This ultimately benefits the study abroad students.

4. Excellent learning experience

These university branch campuses often share resources with the primary university, allowing them to offer top-notch facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, etc. Some of these international branch campuses are a part of the education cities which can benefits students studying abroad. You will be a part of larger campuses, and you can even opt for modules from several other universities.

5. Flexibility

You get a chance to participate in student exchange programs which give you better exposure in terms of mobility, study programs, and other exciting opportunities. This way, you can gain renewed perspective from diversified experiences.

We hope this information about international branch campuses provides you with deeper insights. If you plan to take an overseas education loan to attend a university branch campus, we are just a call away. All the best!

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