Germany: Quality education

Germany holds a prominent place among the top study abroad destinations for quality education, research-oriented courses, low tuition fees, lucrative work opportunities and more exciting perks. Seven German universities appear in the top-100 universities as per Times Higher Education Rankings, 2021. So, here’s a list of the best courses to pursue if you are planning to study in Germany.

1. Medical courses

While demand for health care professionals is always rising, and estimates suggest that it will increase more than any other industry by the end of 2030. The shortage of medical staff put the healthcare system under severe strain during COVID-19. And yet, the medical frontliners emerged as winners. Hence, many students incline towards medical courses to grab the opportunity that this domain offers. In Germany, several courses are available in medicine and dentistry. You can opt for courses in Neuroscience, Epidemiology, Health Science, Dentistry and more.

2. Engineering

Whether you select Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and so on, Germany is known to offer a globally recognized curriculum, state-of-art infrastructure and incredible learning experience. Also, since the German education system focuses on a practical approach over theory, it will immensely help you, especially if you want to study engineering, which requires hands-on experience. So, if you are interested in the Engineering field and wish to develop a practical approach, you can benefit from Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in Germany.

3. Information Technology

Domains like Data Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Computer Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and more exciting fields will witness a rise in job opportunities. Among the top universities to study abroad, Technical University of Munich, RWTH Aachen University, Technical University of Berlin, LMU Munich, University of Freiburg, Heidelberg University, University of Bonn are some of the top German universities that offer the best courses in IT.

Whether you choose to study in private or public universities in Germany, the courses are well-recognized worldwide that can fetch you a lucrative career in IT in any part of the world. So if you are interested in making a career in IT, then your search ends here.

4. Arts and Humanities

Does Arts, Literature, Politics, Philosophy, History, Social Science interest you? Then Germany is the best destination to study Arts and Humanities. You can build a promising career as an artist, teacher, public relations manager, linguist or even as a professor. Did you know that German universities offer 6,000 courses in this domain? Here’s another interesting fact – In 2019, ~11,000 study abroad students were interested in studying arts and humanities from German universities. And if you think that courses in arts and humanities are theoretical, then let us inform you that the courses in this domain in German universities are a perfect blend of theory and practicals. These courses ensure that you are future-ready and well-equipped with practical skills too.

5. Management courses

Why should you study Management in Germany? Here are some of the best reasons. B-schools in Germany appear in the top 100 universities in QS World Ranking. Updated coursework, research and innovation-oriented outlook leads to an incredible learning experience. Besides, the practical coursework imparts decision-making skills and chisels you to be a future business leader. You can consider courses like Bachelors in Business Administration, MS in Management & Marketing, MS in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, Master in Digital Business and more.

Although Germany is known for low tuition fees, you must remember that other education related-expenses can be exorbitant. An overseas education loan covers expenses such as travel expenses, equipment costs, study material and more. So, taking a student loan is a prudent choice so that you can focus on your academics better.

So, if you are planning to study in Germany, these are some of the best courses for you. If finance-related worries are keeping you from executing your academic plan, then your worries end here. We, at Avanse, cover the holistic cost of education and provide 100% finance. So, leave all your finance-related worries to us, and focus on your academic plans. All the best!

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