The travel and tourism industry in the UK contributes impressively to the economy of the country. As per the report published by Statista Research Department, in 2019, the travel and tourism industry contributed 237 billion British Pounds to the GDP of the country. Regarded as one of the rapidly growing industries, many students are enrolling in the travel and tourism courses offered by the UK universities.
The top-notch universities and colleges in the UK offer travel and tourism courses for varied subjects such as Marketing, Event Management, Hospitality and Business Administration. So, if you are passionate about making a career in this field, here are some fantastic courses in Travel and Tourism to pursue in the UK.
Travel and Tourism courses in the UK
Assorted below is a list of some of the best universities and Travel and Tourism courses to study in the UK:



Ulster University

BSc International Travel and Tourism Management

Coventry University

BA Tourism and Hospitality Management

The University of Westminster

BA Tourism and Events Management

University of Glasgow

MSc Tourism Development and Culture and MSc Tourism, Heritage and Sustainability

University of Bedfordshire

MSc International Tourism Planning and Management

University of Derby

MSC International Hospitality Management and BA International Tourism Management

University of Surrey

MSc International Hotel Management and MSc International Tourism Management

Many UK colleges offer diploma certificates in Travel and Tourism courses. But the duration and fee structure of each course (undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma) will vary. Therefore, gather complete information about the program you are interested in pursuing before enrolling. Moreover, if you are planning to apply for student loan, verify whether or not financial institutions in India offer education loans for your preferred course.
Job prospects after studying Travel and Tourism courses in the UK
It becomes easy to grab a lucrative job in the travel and tourism industry after obtaining a degree from a reputed university in the UK. You may get exciting offers for the following job positions:

  • Tour Manager: The primary responsibilities of the tour managers are creating tailor-made itineraries for clients, procuring amenities, maintaining constant communication with clients and performing other administrative travel-related activities. This job has a wide scope, and you can choose to work in any part of the world after completing your study program.

If the lack of finances keeps you from achieving your academic aspirations, you can opt for a student loan. You will be able to meet your expenses for the travel and tourism course if you opt for a student loan, as it will cover major educational costs. At Avanse Financial Services, we offer an education loan to Indian students to study in the UK. Opting for an education loan for abroad studies will help you earn a self-made badge!

  • Holiday Representative: Building a successful career as a holiday representative will no more remain a herculean task once you have completed your education in travel and tourism. The opportunities are immense with lucrative salary packages in multinational companies. Your intent must be to offer an unforgettable holiday experience to clients by making prior arrangements as per their expectations and within their budget.

Do you want to become a successful holiday representative, but financial worries are bothering you? Please do not fret, as an education loan for abroad studies can help you on your academic quest.

  • Tourism Officer: The tourism officers usually collaborate with local governments and even work for private companies. Their main task is to boost the country’s local and international tourism sector by improving infrastructure facilities and generating profits for their organisations.

In the UK, well-established companies like TravelRepublic, Virgin Holidays, British Airways Holidays and National Geographic Traveller offer multiple tourism-related jobs for profiles like tourism managers and travel writers to deserving candidates.

So, you can chase your career goals after completing your Travel and Tourism course in the UK. If finance-related worries stop you from achieving your academic aspirations, you can apply for student loan in India. At Avanse Financial Services, we offer an education loan to Indian students to study in the UK, which comes with multiple benefits. To know more, please feel free to connect with us.

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