A new way of learning

Hybrid learning opened a whole new way of learning to the world during the pandemic. With some initial hesitation and technical challenges, students embraced digital learning. But did you know that according to the recent report, 72% of the 4000+ students that participated in the study intend to choose hybrid learning over the traditional learning model? So, let’s learn how to ace the online learning program to succeed in academics.

1. Plan, identify goals and achieve them all

Imagine this, you get up and realize your online classes have begun, and the anxiety follows. You can avoid such situations with proper planning and schedule, which will make you more productive and agile. Create a schedule around your online learning program, studies and other activities, and you will never be late for your hybrid program. 

2. Study station – posture, environment and learning experience

With online learning, you will spend most of your time on the laptop. So, an ergonomic desk and chair will help a great deal with your posture. Besides, having a clutter-free and well-organized desk will promote learning. You can arrange your laptop, study material and all that you need on your desk so that you can find things easily and save your valuable time.

3. When in doubt, ask

Many students mistake online learning for distance learning. Hybrid learning is as interactive as in-person learning. So, whenever you have a question about your studies, you can discuss it with your faculty. Actively participate in all the online discussions. When in doubt, ask, seek answers and use the feedback.

4. Syllabus and assignments – Attention!

During an online learning program, you have to consider all that has a bearing on your results and overall academic success. Keep track of the deadlines of your assignments, study material, projects and more, ensure you focus on them all. 

5. Pomodoro Technique – increase focus & productivity

Pomodoro Technique is time management and productivity-enhancing technique that you can now adopt for effective online learning. All you have to do is set a timer for 25 minutes and continue to study until the timer rings, without any break or distraction. You can then take a break for 5 minutes. Repeat this process four times and then take a 30-minute break. 

6. Now is the time!

Do you know what steals your valuable time? Procrastination! So, next time you are tempted to procrastinate, remember the years of hard work, dedication, and devotion that helped you come this far. So, focus on the task at hand to succeed.

7. Technology

Laptop and internet connection will be the backbone of your online learning program. A laptop with a good performance and fast internet connection will eliminate downtime. 

8. Go that extra mile

In the traditional classroom, you had the opportunity to go to the library to conduct research. You have access to online resources during online learning classes, so take extra time and effort to learn more from online libraries, educational websites, journals, and more.

9. Collaborative approach

Connect with your batchmates not just for studies but to forge lifelong connections. You are on the same journey, so collaborating with them will help you in many ways. Build a good rapport with your faculty during online learning classes, as this is essential for your overall academic success. 

10. No motivation like self-motivation

Hours of online learning can be exhausting and overwhelming. So be it talking to friends and family or a self pep talk or even a short walk, indulge in some powerful motivational strategies that encourage you to complete your tasks.

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