Several study abroad students like you are left confused because of the chaotic situation that the pandemic has led to. So, here we bring answers to the top 10 questions that all study abroad students must ask prior to gearing up for pursuing their higher education from abroad destinations. We hope these answers provide you with guidance and help you fulfil your academic journey.

Will F-1 and M-1 student visa holders be able to travel to the USA if the program starts from 1st August 2021 onwards?

Yes, if you have a valid student visa, you are allowed to fly to the US. And those with F-2 visas are also allowed to travel with you.

(Note: F-1 student visa is necessary for gaining entry in the US as a full-time student. M-1 visa is for students applying for vocational studies. The F-2 visa is issued to the dependents of F-1 student visa holders.)

Is it too late to apply for a visa to travel to the US if the programs begin this September?

You may be considered for National Interest Exception (NIE) but apply as soon as possible.

Is there a central body to contact for students who were studying abroad but returned to India during the lockdown and unable to fly back due to COVID?

Yes, The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has come forward for your help and now you can share your email ID and mobile number at us.oia2@mea.gov.in and so1oia2@mea.gov.in.

Which states are allowing Indian study abroad students to get a jab on priority?

Maharashtra was the first state to take the initiative followed by Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi and Gujarat.

Which vaccine has been approved by WHO?

Currently, only Covishield from Serum Institute of India has a nod from WHO.

What document should a student carry for a jab?

Original passport, visa stamp, admission letter from the university are generally accepted at vaccination drives.

What are the country-specific requisites to travel?

  • The UK – You can travel to the UK but 10-day quarantine is mandatory
  • The US – Some exceptions will be considered if you apply for National Interest Exceptions
  • Canada – Check if your university has a COVID-readiness plan, a study permit is mandatory
  • South Australia – South Australia is opening its borders but 2-week quarantine is mandatory

Can students use any app to find the latest updates about universities?

Yes, you can use IDP Study Abroad app that provides real-time updates about your university application status and other important info.

How many days to wait until the next dose?

The latest move by Central Government allows the gap of 28 days between the two jabs but only to students travelling abroad till 31st August 2021.

What is a Vaccination Certificate?

It is a certificate issued to the study abroad students who have taken the vaccination and is linked to the passport number.

If you have any further queries, you can always reach out to us. We, at Avanse, will be happy to guide you through your academic journey and help you live your dreams. All the best!

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