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These are the top 10 B-schools in India

Once the results are out, there are a plethora of students waiting to make their way into multi-national corporations at big positions. For this to be possible, these students are on the hunt for the best B-schools in the country.


There are numerous universities in India that provide opportunities for students, but passing out from a reputed business school always looks good on a student’s resume. 


Here is a list of the top 10 B-schools in India that we have racked up for the students:


IIMB (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)

One of the oldest universities around, IIMB offers specialized courses for entrepreneurship and public policy. This university charges a fee of 18.70 Lakhs for a full-time 2-year Post Graduate program in management. 


IIMA (Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad)

Known as India’s premier management institute, IIMA is known to offer world-class business management education, and it is common for top companies to recruit students from here. For an MBA, this university charges a fee of 23 Lakhs for a full-time 2-year course. 


IIMC (Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta)

This was the first school to start offering Post Graduate courses and research in management. It records a 100% placement record for its students and charges a fee of Rs.23 Lakhs for a full time 2 year Post Graduate program in management. 


IIML (Indian Institute of Management – Lucknow)

This university is considered as the 4th best university from the prestigious family of IIM schools after Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Calcutta. The students have to pay a total fee of Rs.11.76 Lakhs for a full-time 2-year Post Graduate program in management. 


IIMI (Indian Institute of Management – Indore)

This university is one of the 20 IIMs that is established by the government for management education in India. It offers students a Post Graduate Program in Management for a fee of Rs.16 Lakhs, which is a full-time 2-year course.


IITKGP ( Indian Institute of Management – Kharagpur)

One of the best colleges in West Bengal, it has been ranked at first place in Architecture by NIRF in 2019. For a full-time MBA course, it charges a total fee of Rs.9 Lakhs, which is for 2 years.


XLRI (Xavier School of Management)

Apart from the usual specializations, XLRI is well known for its fellowship programs. For a PGDM in Business Management, the university charges Rs.23 Lakhs for a 2-year full-time course. 


IIMK (Indian Institute of Management – Kozhikode)

Among the top IIMs in the country, this university offers programs across various fields of management. For a full-time Post Graduate Program in Management, the university charges you 17.50 Lakhs, which is for 2 years. 


DMS, IIT Delhi (Department of Management Studies)

This university is known for its Technology Management, E-MBA, and Ph.D. in Management. For a full-time MBA, it charges a fee of Rs.8 Lakhs, which is for 2 years. 


SJMSOM IIT Bombay (Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management)

Along with management programs, this university also offers Doctorate programs. This university offers a full-time MBA for a total fee of Rs.8 Lakh, which is for 2 years. 


We hope this article was helpful, all the best!

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