Online education has significantly changed the way we study abroad and in India. It is an amazing experience to witness how the internet and education can be combined to provide people the opportunity to learn new skills. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, researchers predicted the massive growth of this segment. Numerous online learning platforms like BYJU’s, Coursera, Toppr, Udemy figured out the need of the hour and developed online courses designed to value add in the lives of millions of students and professionals.

Now, since the educational institutions are shifting more and more towards the online world to impart knowledge during this crisis situation created by COVID-19 pandemic, let’s embrace it and make use of this opportunity as much as we can.

Some of you may not be use to online education modules and are wondering what needs to be done to learn efficiently on this platform. Or you may be thinking, understand everything that’s being taught online or maybe how you will stop the trainer to clarify your doubts while the class is going on. Do not worry at all. Here are a few strategies for getting the most out of an online class.

Keep your mind and body healthy:

Self-care is very important for students. Healthy mind aids in learning better. It will help you focus and concentrate. Thus, you can grasp the material taught online quicker and retain the same in your mind for a longer period. Maintaining healthy habits like working out, relaxing your mind, consuming nutritious food are some of the crucial things which you need to do every day.

Treat the online platform as your real classroom:

You need to be disciplined while taking an online course. Treat the online classes in the same way as you would have treated or behaved during a face-to-face lecture.

Practice time management:

If you are not in a traditional classroom, you might feel lethargic in the comfort of your home and may want to prioritize other things over your online classes. It is advisable to prepare a schedule which you will follow regularly – designate hours to attend online classes, self-study, assignments, online group discussions with peers, other such constructive activities. Schedule timely breaks to refresh your mind and rejuvenate yourself.

Eliminate or minimize distractions: 

While staying at home, you may come across instances, where your younger brother or sister runs into your room to play with you or you receive a phone call from your best friend for a quick catch-up. Make sure you minimize such activities while you are in the middle of your session. You need to concentrate in the same way how you would have done while attending your traditional classes. Identify a quiet zone in your house, inform your family members prior to logging in, so that they give you the required time to complete the session successfully. You need to minimize distractions both in your physical as well as the digital environment.

Make sure that you retain the learning:

No matter what course you choose, retaining what you learn is extremely important. To ensure that your newly learned knowledge is well retained, it is important to practice, apply knowledge in different contexts, and reflect on what you have learned. You can quickly write a brief summary of the lecture and discuss it with your peers to check if you have captured everything correctly.

Make necessary logistical arrangements prior to taking the online class:

Keep all the phone numbers, email IDs, contact details, support links for institutions handy. For example, who is the Teaching Assistant for the course or who should you connect with for some technical issues should be readily available in case you face any difficulty. If it’s a live lecture, check if your VC software is working properly prior to the lecture, if assignments are uploaded to a cloud service, make sure that you have the required details or access to the information for the same. Remember to always save your work in the required storage space.

Actively participate: 

To understand better, participate in online course forums and engage with fellow classmates. You should post questions for clarification. Pay attention to what other classmates are saying as it might clarify your doubts as well.

Online education can be extremely beneficial and thus has experienced mainstream acceptance. With an online class, you can control your learning environment which helps you to be more productive. It has brought a revolution in the way people study in India and abroad.

Hope this article helps you study and concentrate better during your online classes. You can reach out to us for any query or assistance in terms of your education loan options. With us, you can aspire without boundaries!

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